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Date:                        Tuesday 23 August 2022

Time:                       9.00am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street





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Tuesday 23 August 2022

Subject: The future of our coastline Submissions Hearing


Reason for Report

1.      This item provides the Council with the feedback received for The future of our coastline. It also provides an outline of the process for the Hearing of verbal submissions on this topic.

Officers’ recommendation

2.       That Council read and consider all of the submissions and social media feedback in preparation for the Hearing on 23 August 2022 and to inform decision making at the Council meeting on 31 August 2022.


3.      Following the adoption of the Memorandum of Transition (MoT) by the three partner councils in May 2022, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) developed a consultation process to gauge community support for the proposal outlined in the MoT that HBRC lead implementation of the Clifton to Tangoio Coastal Hazards Strategy 2021.

4.      At the Council meeting on 29 June 2022, HBRC adopted the consultation document The future of our coastline, agreed to the proposed public consultation period, being 1-31 July 2022, and agreed the planned consultation complied with section 82 of the Local Government Act 2022.

Scope of the feedback process

5.      The scope of the consultation process was whether HBRC should, in principle, take charge of coastal hazard adaptation between Clifton and Tangoio subject to confirming the proposal through its Long Term Plan.

6.      It did not include the content of the Strategy, funding to implement it, or how the rates are proposed to be allocated. If HBRC takes charge, it will be responsible for developing these matters, and consulting on them separately.

7.      The purpose was to gauge public sentiment ahead of bigger consultation and difficult decisions in the future, including funding.

8.      Following Councillor feedback, submissions that may be considered out of scope have been accepted to provide useful context for the project overall.

9.      Council sought feedback on the question “Who should take charge of adapting to coastal hazards between Clifton and Tangoio?”.

10.    Two options were proposed with a yes/no tick box:

10.1.     Option 1: (the preferred option) HBRC takes charge

10.2.     Option 2: (status quo) Continue with coastal hazards managed in various ways by all three councils, with no defined lead agency.

11.    The consultation document stated that doing nothing is not an option.

12.    Submitters were also invited to give their reasons for why they supported the option they did.

Feedback process

13.    The community feedback process ran from 1 to 31 July 2022.


14.    Staff used several platforms to promote the engagement and encourage people to provide feedback. Postcards were delivered to 3,500 households in the Clifton to Tangoio coastal area and to 200 households in Waimārama informing them of the consultation and directing them to the Regional Council’s website. There was an online submission form on the website. A submission form was also provided in the online consultation document. That form included details of where to email, post, or hand deliver submission forms.

15.    Promotion also included a media release on 1 July 2022, a public notice in Hawke’s Bay Today on 2 July, an advert in the July/August 2022 BayBuzz, digital adverts, social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) and content on the Regional Council’s website. It was also promoted via the HB Coast e-newsletter.

Submissions received

16.    A total of 59 submissions were received. Of those:

16.1.     51 (86 %) supported Option 1: (the preferred option) HBRC takes charge of adapting to coastal hazards between Clifton and Tangoio

16.2.     Six (10%) supported Option 2: (status quo) Continue with coastal hazards managed in various ways by all three councils, with no defined lead agency

16.3.     Two submissions (3%) didn’t support either of the options.

17.     An index of submissions and complete set of submissions is attached. Feedback from posts delivered on HBRC’s Facebook page are also attached. 

Verbal Submissions

18.    The submissions hearing is scheduled to run from 9.15am to 10.15am in the Council Chamber.

19.    Six people have indicated they wish to present their submission in person. Two people will be presenting through MS Teams. Each speaker is allocated 10 minutes which includes Councillors’ questions.

20.    The Hearing will be livestreamed on HBRC’s Facebook page and recorded.

Next Steps

21.    After the conclusion of the hearing, staff will finalise the deliberations report to enable Council decision-making at its 31 August 2022 meeting.

Decision Making Process

22.    Council and its committees are required to make every decision in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 2002 (the Act). Staff have assessed the requirements in relation to this item and have concluded:

22.1.     The decision does not significantly alter the service provision or affect a strategic asset, nor is it inconsistent with an existing policy or plan.

22.2.     The persons affected by this decision are those who made written submissions and wish to speak to their submission.


That Hawke’s Bay Regional Council:

1.      Receives and considers the formal submissions and social media feedback on The future of our coastline as attached

2.      Receives and considers the verbal submissions on The future of our coastline as presented by members of the community.



Authored by:

Drew Broadley

Communications & Engagement Manager

Mandy Sharpe

Project Manager

Approved by:

Chris Dolley

Group Manager Asset Management





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