MINUTES OF A meeting of the Maori Committee



Date:                          Tuesday 30 April 2013


Time:                          10.15 am



Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     M Mohi – Chairman

M Apatu

H Hilton

A Manuel

P Paku

R Puna

P Prentice

B Gregory

M Hape

T Gilbertson

E McGregor

C Scott


In Attendance:          F Wilson – Chairman HBRC

                                   L Lambert – General Manager – Operations

                                   V Moule – Human Resource Manager

                                   M Drury – Committee Secretary



         Karakia – H Hilton 

Chairman Mohi welcomed all present to the meeting with a special welcome to representatives from the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group Incorporated from Rongomaiwahine who would address the meeting.

Apologies were received from: Messrs B Wilson, H Hiha, F McRoberts,  Mrs L Graham, Mrs M Hammond and Councillor L Remmerswaal.




Mr Peter Paku advised that due to pressure of work including his appointment to the Regional Planning Committee, Mr Michael Paku would replace him on the Maori  Committee and a replacement member on the Environment & Services Committee would also be required.

         Chairman Mohi on behalf of Committee members acknowledged Mr Paku’s contribution to the Maori  Committee.


There were no conflicts of interest



Short Term Replacements



That the Maori Committee agree:

That Mr Shaun Haraki, Mr Piri Prentice, Mr Brian Gregory and Councillor Christine Scott be appointed as members of the Maori Committee of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for the meeting of Tuesday, 30 April 2013 as short term replacements on the Committee for Mrs Miriama Hammond, Mr Heita Hiha, Mrs Liz Graham and Councillor Remmerswaal.





4.      CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES OF the Maori Committee held on 26 February 2013


Minutes of the Maori Committee held on Tuesday, 26 February 2013, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed following amendment




5.      Matters Arising from Minutes of  the  Maori Committee held on Tuesday 26 February 2013

There were no matters arising from the minutes.




Call for General Business Items


1.       Long-fin eel

2.       Science Wananga

3.       Dam Update – Tamatea – Dr Maaka



verbal report from the whangawehi catchment group


Mr Nic  Caviale-Delzescaux, recently appointed Co-ordinator of the Whangawehi Catchment Group introduced Mrs Rae Te Nahu, Secretary and Kathleen Mato, Chairperson Tuahuru Marae who were also members of the group.

Mrs Te Nahu described her reasons for setting up the group which had arisen from concerns from the local community about the potential effects of the Waste Water scheme on the values of the Whangawehi Stream.

Mr Caviale-Delzescaux gave a power-point presentation which outlined the background to the formation of the group, the significant events to date and illustrations of future plans of the group. He also described future activities of the group which included continued an ongoing search for funding opportunities, involvement of local schools, ongoing engagement with landowners, developing a sea-monitoring programme and disseminating their experiences to other communities.

Responding to questions, it was noted:

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in July 2011 with further signatories being added in February 2013;

The objectives of the fish monitoring programme would be to assess if the planting and fencing activities carried out  improved fish habitats;

It was hoped in the future to be able to fish once again the rivers;

Trees already planted are growing well;

Part of the area is the last significant coastal forest in Hawke’s Bay and contains several rare species of native plants – 350ha of it is DOC reserve.




1.      That the Maori Committee receives the verbal report  from representatives of the Whangawehi Catchment group.







Action Items from Previous Maori Committee Meetings


Mr Moule updated the Committee on the Action items listed.



1.      That the Maori Committee receives the report “Action Items from Previous Maori Committee Meetings”.







Receiving Hapu Management Plans


Mr Moule introduced the agenda item and outlined the proposed process noting that the proposal was only from Council’s perspective and was not intended to override various hapu requirements within their Hapū Management Plans.  Mr Moule also advised that NKII would receive hapū  plans before HMPs were forwarded to Council.  If Council received a HMP without NKII’s prior endorsement or support for the content, it would not constitute forming a partnership.  Once Council had received the HMP, it would be considered under the decision making processes of the RMA.

Mr Moule also noted that there could be issues around the mandating of HMP therefore it was important that tangata whenua make the final decision, not the Regional Council.

The Committee noted the proposed changes to the RMA which were being submitted on the important role that NKII would have to take in the approval process therefore ongoing consultation was imperative.



The Maori Committee recommends that Council:

1.      In relation to ‘receiving’ hapu management plans (‘HMP’), follows a process with the following key steps:

1.1   Hapu group advises the Regional Council of its intention to lodge a HMP

1.2   Staff make arrangements for next practicable meeting of Maori Committee to be        on the appropriate marae

1.3   Hapu representatives present their HMP to meeting of Maori Committee on marae

1.4   At the next regular meeting of Maori Committee following presentation of HMP, is further considered by Maori Committee (with any relevant staff                         comments).  Maori Committee recommend that Council ‘receive’ HMP.              Additional commentary may be provided regarding merits of HMP content.

1.5  At the next regular Council meeting, Council consider ‘receiving’ HMP.

1.6   After Council officially ‘receives’ HMP, then HMP published on website,                     circulated to relevant staff and other Council contacts as appropriate.






Update on Current Issues by the General Manager - Operations


Prior to Mrs Lambert’s update, Chairman Wilson updated the Committee on the  proposed amalgamation plans and advised that a draft submission  to LGC had been prepared for Council’s approval on Wednesday, 1 May. Chairman Wilson  explained the reasons for  preparing the submission particularly in relation to the functions currently undertaken by all Regional Councils on the East Coast.

Chairman Wilson also advised that Local Government Commission had issued its decision relating to the constituency boundaries for the upcoming local body elections and have recognised Central Hawke’s bay as a community of interest which had a flow on affect to Hastings where a new rural ward had been created.   Hastings would still be represented by 3 Councillors and the new rural ward by 1 Councillor.


Proposed Plan Change 6 – Tukituki Catchment

Mrs Lambert advised that  Proposed Plan Change 6 to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Resource Management Plan would be notified on Saturday 4 May with a closing date of Friday, 31 May.    Mrs Lambert also advised that a request would be made to the Minister for the Environment to call in Plan Change 6 so that it can be considered alongside the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme application as a Proposal of National Significance.

Plan Change 5

The Hearing for Plan Change 5 was held in May and a decision is currently being prepared by Hearing Commissioners Nugent, Mohi and Maaka.  It is hoped a decision  would be known towards the end of May.

Makara Hearing

This hearing was heard by Commissioner Scott and Commissioner Gary Williams and was not an RMA hearing.  The hearing has been adjourned awaiting additional information.

Building Alterations

Mrs Lambert noted that remedial work was now underway on the Dalton Street building with several staff members currently located off site at Bower Street.  However, all contact details remained the same.

Low Flow Monitoring

This was still currently being undertaken.

Plan Change 7 – Taharua/Mohaka

Mrs Lambert advised that a report would be presented to Council following ongoing discussions with landowners.

Greater Heretaunga and Ahuriri Plan Change (TANK– Tamatea, Ahuriri, Ngaruroro and Karamu )

A progress report will be presented at the June meeting however to date all meetings have been very successful but the end dates have been put back.


Chairman Wilson updated the Committee on the current Drought situation in Hawke’s Bay following the second meeting of the Drought Committee last week.  Following recent rain, the situation is still critical in some parts of the region with many farmers struggling although dairy farmers not quite as exposed as sheep and beef farmers.




1.      That the report be received.





Statutory Advocacy Update


Mrs Lambert presented the Statutory Update



1. That the Maori Committee receives the Statutory Advocacy Update report.









General Business




Councillor / Staff


A request was made that a paper be prepared for the June meeting to consider the recommendations made by the Commissioner for the Environment regarding Long-fin eel.

Mr Haraki


A Science Wananga was to take place on 26, 27, 28 June in conjunction with the University of Otago to encourage students to focus on early career paths.  Schools involved were Flaxmere, Hastings, Intermediate, Hastings High and Hastings Girls High.

Mr Apatu to have ongoing discussions with Mr Moule

Mr Apatu


An update was presented on the Ruataniwha Water Storage project and the impacts the project would have for employment opportunities in Central Hawke’s Bay.

Dr Maaka








There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 12.10pm on Tuesday, 30 April 2013.


Signed as a true and correct record.




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