Minutes of The future of our coastline Submissions Hearing


Date:                                    Tuesday 23 August 2022

Time:                                    9.07am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                              Cr W Foley (virtually)

Cr C Foss  (virtually)

Cr N Kirton (virtually)

Cr C Lambert (virtually)

M McIlroy (Māori Committee Co-Chair)

Cr H Ormsby

Cr J Taylor

Cr M Williams


In Attendance:                 J Palmer – Chief Executive

C Dolley – Group Manager Asset Management

P Munro – Te Pou Whakarae Māori Partnerships (virtually)

P Martin – Senior Governance Advisor




1.         Welcome/Karakia/Apologies/Notices

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and Cr Martin Williams opened with a karakia.



Cr Hinewai Ormsby to Chair the meeting

That the apologies for Crs. van Beek and Barker be accepted.




2.         Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflicts of interest declared.



The future of our coastline Submissions Hearing


Chris Dolley introduced this item, briefly providing some background. Following the hearings today, the Council will be deliberating on this matter and making a decision at its next meeting 31 August 2022. 


·         Ian P. Johnson (Submitter 30)

Napier born and bred, currently based in Germany. Rail is a major transport option in Europe - HB should also be considering a shift to passenger rail transport. Climate change will greatly impact HB rail assets as many tracks are located in coastal areas – susceptible to sea level rise. Climate change/global temperature rise is likely to be well above the anticipated two degree rise. Relocate/redesign rail infrastructure now and start utilising new rail technology to meet HB’s community passenger transport needs.   

·         Douglas Dickson, North Shore Road Residents & Ratepayers Committee (Submitter 12)

Concerned about the access to North Shore road. The recent Tonkin + Taylor (T+T) report predicts significant erosion in the area. A similar 2004 T + T report also predicted that erosion would be about 0.77m p.a. in the area - total erosion would be 13.5m from 2004 – 2022. Actual level is some 9m less than that and North Shore access road has not been eroded at all. Both T+T reports are theoretical and should not be relied upon. Residents want to carry out their own remedial action but HBRC won’t allow this.

·         John Warren (Submitter 28)

Stockholm Sustainable Award recipient. Supports central control (HBRC) of the coastal strategy. Expects global temperature rise to be  3 to 4 degrees. Substantial financial risks exist- short term measures such as sea walls will all ultimately fail. Consider sea protection schemes and land reclamation and a major dyke system like the Netherlands has. Public knowledge also needs to be increased/prioritised. HBRC should be proactive rather than reactive.

·         Keith Newman, Walking on Water (WOW) (Submitter 43)

Coastal strategy is valued by the community – 100 year horizon is too long, what are we doing now? Council consent processes are too long and expensive- need to move quickly. The T+T report has created fear in the community. Can HBRC be the strategy holder and the regulator at the same time? Will HBRC be innovative? Must include the community in discussions. Will the strategy remain in place? It is confusing and needs to be sold to the community. HBRC needs to a visionary, innovative  leader – is HBRC up to this task or have we wasted the last nine years discussing the strategy? Costs need to be met by the whole community – the strategy is for the wider public good.   

·         Larry Dallimore (Submitter 59)

  Not present – no written statement provided


·         Anton Maurenbrecher (Submitter 57)

Originally from the Netherlands where dykes are common place and effective. HBRC needs to allow time for informal discussions as well as listening to those using the submission process, which is not easy. HBRC needs to take a scientific approach and avoid politics. New property developments should only be done on suitable land.

·         Tom Kay Forest obo Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society (Submitter 61)

Supports HBRC taking sole charge of the strategy – well placed to manage changes. Forest and Bird would like to see nature based solutions such as making room for rivers to flood more naturally through restoring wetlands. Constantly fixing infrastructure is not the solution as eventually such structures will fail. Managed retreat – people need space to retreat to, so does the environment. HBRC needs to take on the strategy and then talk at a national level about RMA matters etc.  



That Hawke’s Bay Regional Council:

1.      Receives and considers the formal submissions and social media feedback on The future of our coastline as attached

2.      Receives and considers the verbal submissions on The future of our coastline as presented by members of the community

3.     Agrees to accept a late submission from Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society on The future of our coastline.




There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 10.36am on Tuesday, 23 August 2022. Closing karakia led by Cr Martin Williams.


Signed as a true and correct record.




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