MINUTES OF An extraordinary meeting of the Regional Council



Date:                          Wednesday 19 May 2021

Time:                          2.00pm


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     Cr R Graham, Chair

Cr R Barker

Cr W Foley

Cr C Foss

Cr N Kirton

Cr C Lambert

M McIlroy (Māori Committee Co-Chair)

Cr H Ormsby

M Paku (Māori Committee Co-Chair)

A Tapine (RPC Rep)

Cr J van Beek

Cr M Williams


In Attendance:          J Palmer – Chief Executive (via Zoom)

P Munro – Te Pou Whakarae Māori Partnerships

J Ellerm – Group Manager Corporate Services

L Hooper – Team Leader Governance

I Maxwell – Group Manager Integrated Catchment Management

D Cull – Strategy & Governance Manager



1.       Welcome/Karakia/Apologies/Notices

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and passed to Pieri Munro, HBRC Te Pou Whakarae, to mihi guests.  Haami Hilton then offered a karakia.


2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflicts of interest declared.


3.       Confirmation of Minutes of the Regional Council meeting held on 3-4 May 2021



Minutes of the Regional Council Meeting held on 3 and 4 May 2021, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed as a true and correct record.





Establishment of Māori Constituencies for Hawke’s Bay Regional Council


Pieri Munro, HBRC Te Pou Whakarae, introduced the item and Desiree Cull, Strategy and Governance Manager. Discussion and questions covered:

·    An outline of the 22 March through 22 April 2021 consultation process undertaken

·    The rationale for consulting tangata whenua via the Māori Committee and Regional Planning Committee representatives first, as most affected ahead of asking for a Council decision on 18 November, in accordance with the LEA timeframes and requirements in effect at the time

·    After legislative change notified in February 2021, in accordance with its Significance and Engagement Policy the Council undertook consultation with the wider community

·    Consultation culminated in two days of verbal submissions to further inform Council’s decision.



That Hawke’s Bay Regional Council:

1.      Receives and considers the “Establishment of Māori Constituencies for Hawke’s Bay Regional Council” staff report in conjunction with the written submissions received and provided to Council, as well as verbal submissions heard on 3 and 4 May 2021.

2.      Agrees that the decisions to be made are significant under the criteria contained in Council’s adopted Significance and Engagement Policy, and that Council can exercise its discretion and make decisions on this issue having conferred directly with the community and persons likely to have an interest in the decision over the period 22 March through 22 April and hearing verbal presentations made on 3 and 4 May 2021.

3.      Agrees to establish one or more Māori Constituencies in accordance with Schedule 1, Part 1, 2(2) of the Local Electoral Act, for voters on the Māori electoral roll to elect Councillors on to Hawke’s Bay Regional Council in the 2022 and 2025 local elections.


CARRIED unanimously


Haami Hilton offered a karakia to close the meeting.



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 3.25pm on Wednesday 19 May 2021.


Signed as a true and correct record.




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