MINUTES OF A meeting of the Regional Council



Date:                                  Monday 17 May 2021

Time:                                  9.00am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                             Cr R Graham, Chair

Cr R Barker

Cr W Foley

Cr C Foss

Cr N Kirton (until 1030)

M McIlroy (Māori Committee Co-Chair) via zoom

Cr J van Beek

Cr M Williams



In Attendance:                J Palmer – Chief Executive

P Munro – Te Pou Whakarae Māori Partnerships

K Brunton – Group Manager Policy and Regulation

C Dolley – Group Manager Asset Management

J Ellerm – Group Manager Corporate Services

I Maxwell – Group Manager Integrated Catchment Management

L Hooper – Team Leader Governance

Submitters as noted



1.        Welcome/Karakia/Apologies/Notices

The Chair welcomed everyone and Pieri Munro led the offering of a karakia to open the meeting.


RC22/21        That the apologies for absence from Mike Paku and councillors Hinewai Ormsby and Charles Lambert and for early departure from councillors Neil Kirton (1030am) and Craig Foss (2.30pm) be accepted.

Barker/van Beek



2.        Conflict of Interest Declarations

Martin Williams declared his interest in submission 656 as having given legal advice to HB Airport.

There were no conflicts of interest declared.



Submissions Received on Time to Act - Kia Rite! 2021-31 Long Term Plan Consultation



That Hawke’s Bay Regional Council receives and considers the written submissions received to the “Time to Act – Kia Rite! 2021-2031” Long Term Plan consultation.

Barker/van Beek




Time to Act - Kia Rite! Submissions Hearing



That Hawke’s Bay Regional Council receives and considers the verbal submissions on “Time to Act – Kia Rite!” the Consultation Document on the Council’s 2021-2031 Long Term Plan as presented by members of the community.

Barker/van Beek



Council commenced hearing submissions from members of the Public on the 2021-31 Long Terms Plan


9.05am        HB Airport (Stuart Ainslee, Gareth Mentzer & Stephanie Murphy) sub 656. Spoke about the area surrounding the airport and the associated wildlife management. The issues in relation to bird strike need further discussion as relate to Ahuriri Regional Park and public safety, and this will be organized, potentially for an Environment and Integrated Catchments Committee meeting.

9.18am        Mana Ahuriri (Joinella Maihi-Carroll) and Annette Brosnan (sub 718) Very supportive of the partnership and collaborative plans for Ahuriri Regional Park. NCC previously consulted with the community on the “Ahuriri Master Plan”. Yet to engage with mana whenua as awaiting confirmation from HBRC and NCC around funding prior to proceeding.

9.28am        Ahuriri Estuary Protection Society (Angie Denby and Sara Apley) sub 723. Began by sharing the Society’s vision for the estuary, stating the priority must be to deal with the pollution from stormwater and wastewater discharges. The Society wants the upper estuary to be prioritised as a wildlife reserve and not further developed for human access and recreation to protect the ecology.

9.39am        Philip Holt (sub 745) Spoke in relation to Ahuriri Regional Park, on the doorstep of the Holt property at the northern end of the estuary. Wetland of national significance and need to be very careful making decisions about the future of the estuary. Plans need consultation with DoC, mana whenua and biodiversity experts. Removal of tubeworm has not had a significant effect, need to remove a lot more.

9.51am        William and Ann Wallace (sub 674) Gravel build-up in upper Tukituki causing land to become less productive, due to water seeping under the stopbank across the farm to the Tukipo. Success of the scheme dependent on removal of the gravel. Use scheme funds to extract the gravel rather than raking. Rates cost $123/ha. 2016 rates review was supposed to have been undertaken.

10.04am      Julie and Digby Livingston on behalf of Wairere Family Trust (sub 675). A mihi and karakia was offered to start, and Pieri Munro responded. Tukituki is an ancestral taonga that needs to be restored. Burnside Road Takapau property, expressed concerns about the way the upper Tukituki project was presented as considers it alarmist and that the decision appears to already have been made.

10.16am      Anne Wallace (sub 701). Was part of the community group formed in 2016 when rate review was mooted. Report from 1980s advised that gravel build-up would be an issue. In places gravel build-up is higher than the stopbank. Extraction not part of the scheme maintenance budgets and left to private enterprise. Historic problem needs to be fixed. Suggests fixed charge, same for every ratepayer. Views the global consent as means of better gravel management. Questioned rates apportionment and public-private split. Need rates review – last review 32 years ago.

10.28am      Waipureku Waitangi trust (Anne Redstone) sub 541. Played a video about the commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. Very concerned, on behalf of recreational users, about the state of the river and the need for dredging at least up to Kohupatiki Marae. Supports option 1 and suggests ‘flushing’ the river if possible.

10.40am      Operation Patiki Charitable Trust (Margie, Tom & Anne McGuire, Aki Paipper) sub704. In favour of option 1 and disposal to land rather than to the sea. Operation Patiki formed in 2008 in response to the state of the awa and the loss of a safe food source, working to restore the awa. Want dreding to expose the riverbed, clear water, ensure endemic species are revitalised and return to state suitable for swimming and recreation and want to be involved in developing a catchment plan for the Ngaruroro.

10.55am      Larry Dallimore (sub733). Coastal erosion issues at Westshore. Regular programme of renourishment should use sediment dredged from the shipping channel.

11.06am      Yasmin Dubrau (sub 570). Sees two ways of storing water, being reservoirs (e.g. dam, aquifer) and retention in the soil and didn’t see anything in Council’s water security information about soil retention. Need soil to operate like a sponge using methods like regenerative agriculture, and asks what Council will do to support farmers to change to regenerative agriculture.


The meeting adjourned at 11.20am and reconvened at 11.33am


Council recommenced hearing submissions from the public

11.34am      Jenny Mauger (sub724). Background working in human health nationally and internationally before moving into the environmental science space. Implores Council to engage with people at place, who have the lived experience – mana whenua – to find ways to reverse negative environmental health trends so that everyone in HB can thrive.

11.43am      Craig Little (sub 708) and Wairoa District Council (sub 741). Acknowledged the HBRC team up in Wairoa. Concerns that 6 key projects don’t earmark Wairoa and encourages Council to spend based on the land/water base, not the population. Wants HBRC to start prosecuting foresters who let slash end up in the waterways and acknowledge the damage that forestry industry does in preparing land for planting. Look at what was on hillsides historically before planting. Would like more focus on invasive exotic weeds. Disappointed that Wairoa River Regional Park has been pushed out to year 5 of the plan – would like it brought forward and to happen in line with the plan previously developed. Showed drone footage of forestry developments and examples of slash and sediment in or at risk of entering waterways.

12.05pm      Forest & Bird Napier Branch (Lynne Anderson & John Warren) sub 684. Support Ahuriri Regional Park but urge protection as a wildlife refuge. Should have specific objectives for the estuary and specific timeframes to achieve those in the Plan. Ensure tidal flow reaches the upper reaches of the estuary. Do the best thing for the region and use national standards as the minimum, advocating for higher standards to be adopted.

12.16pm      Forest & Bird NZ (Tom Kay) sub #691. Council has responsibility for sustainably managing the natural and physical resources in its region to meet the foreseeable needs of future generations. Would rather Council spent $1M on something other than fighting the Ngaruroro water conservation order. Ran through slides showing changes to Tukituki and Waipawa river channels confined by flood protection schemes over time.

12.30pm      Sustaining HB Trust (& Environment Centre) Marie Fleming. Goal is the support people to live in a sustainable way. Pleased to see focus on climate change and would like to see a Climate Change Plan with quantifiable deliverables with timelines and would like zero-waste built into programmes. Generally support the work sitting in the LTP, specifically those with long term benefit and promoting biodiversity.

12.40pm      BirdsNZ (previously Ornithological Society) Bernie Kelly (sub #716). In relation to Ahuriri Regional Park want to see something done. Bird counts provide long term data sets. Caveats are around protecting the biodiversity and would like to be involved in the planning process. Opposes gravel extraction due to disruption to dotterel population in upper Tukituki.

12.48pm      Inglis Bush Community Trust (Clint Deckard) sub #721. Kahikatea in the nationally significant reserve that were standing in water are and have been dying since water from springs has become scarce and aquifer levels have dropped. Started when the water race was put in during 1950s. Drone footage showed the extent of the dead trees. Need immediate, medium term and long term solutions for water security in the Tukituki catchment including claw-back of allocation.

1pm              Biodiversity HB (Debbie Monahan & Charles Dougherty) sub #689. Support the plan and encourage Council to aim high as we face the climate change and biodiversity extinction crises. Two primary goals of Biodiversity HB are biodiversity restoration and sustainable prosperity for the people of HB. Four groups critical to success are community-led groups, tangata whenua, the farming community and cities that share a long term perspective. Supports, in particular, Right Tree Right Place and Ahuriri Regional Park.

1.10pm        Stu Burden (sub #748). Concerned at rapidity of rates increases above the rate of inflation.  Sees problem with large staff and governance structures duplicated by 5 councils across a small region.

1.18pm        NZ Farm Environmental Trust (Steve Wynn-Harris, Kate Taylor & James Ryan via Zoom) (sub #70).  The Trust champion’s good practice sustainable farming, funded by agri-business and councils. Committed to retaining Ballance farm environment awards as a means of demonstrating benefits of sustainable farming practice. Acknowledged HBRC land management advisors are held in high regard. Council a good vehicle to share success stories demonstrating good environmental practice that positively effects bottom lines.

1.28pm        Guardians of the Aquifer (Pauline Doyle) sub #744. Opposed to regional CCO management of drinking water supply assets. Submission `to Napier City Council to retain local ownership and management of Napier water supply. Asking that HBRC supports NCC efforts to get exemption from mandatory chlorination and fight to get recognition of the unique artesian Heretaunga aquifer.



The meeting adjourned at 1.39pm and reconvened at 2.10pm


Council recommenced hearing submissions from the public

2.14pm         Federated Farmers of NZ (Rhea Dascent & Jim Galloway). Main theme of submission opposed to excessive rates increases and Council must offset increased regulatory requirements from Central Government by cutting non-essential programmes. Concerned on-demand transport directly in competition with private service provider. RTRP good in principle but appears to reinvent the wheel and does not want a project that is duplicating other programmes. Look at organisations, e.g. Air NZ, who want to plant trees and connect them with farmers wanting to plant them. Wairoa farmers anxious that area will become a carbon sink and they will lose their farms. Suggests a hybrid rates policy that uses differentials for properties under 4ha and flat fees. Suggests urban properties should be rated for urban pest control.

2.28pm        Denis Bell (sub #653). Worried about his children and grandchildren’s farming future. Council needs to focus on water storage for irrigation. Feels farmers disproportionately targeted with fees and charges, science monitoring costs and rates, and not given credit for the good environmental work they do. Should be celebrating farmers.

2.35pm         Pauline Tangiora (sub #490) Jenny Mauger, Ngaromoana Raureti and Liz Battes spoke on Pauline’s behalf. Opoutama is a connected taiao fed by an uphill puna, passing through two wetlands to provide water to the village. Blue Bay wastewater system has been added to the point where it is not meeting its consent conditions, and needs to be fixed to stop patupatu entering the water table. Is concerned that no consultation has been undertaken with Māori about waahi tapu sites and damage being caused to taonga y visitors and freedom campers.

Michelle McIlroy left the meeting at 2.43pm

Rick Barker declared a conflict of interest in relation to submission #637 as a director of Napier Port holdings.

2.44pm         Napier Port (Adam Harvey & Tod Dawson) sub #637. Submission in relation to proposed charges for harbourmaster services. Opposed to paying what’s proposed as does not account for or off-set the public navigational safety services provided by Napier Port ($250-500k per year). Do agree that the Port should contribute some costs. Provided benchmarks of what other ports in NZ pay. Napier Port in discussions with staff and at the stage of finalising an MoU.

Craig Foss left the meeting at 2.55pm

Request for principles underlying the charging regime for Napier Port to be provided for deliberations.

2.55pm        Mitre 10 Park (Jock Mackintosh) sub #617. Aquatic Centre, accommodation block and CD Cricket/boxing developments are under way and already experiencing significant issues with drivers and traffic management. Supports on-demand transport as part of the solution and would like Council to consider having the Park in the Loop on Saturdays. Would promote through the Park’s sports networks. Could also consider Park & Ride options.

3.05pm        CCS Disability Action, Michelle Lucas (sub #717). Accessibility for disabled is a focus for the organisation. Supports the on-demand bus service as current public transport system has barriers preventing disabled patrons from riding the buses. Would like HBRC to consult with CCS around identifying barriers and potenyial fare exemptions for disabled patrons.

3.18pm        Paul Bailey (sub #601). Generally supportive of the Council’s direction of travel and the six consultation topics.  Fully supportive of the Future Farming Trust. Happy with increased regulatory enforcement by Council. Re Ahuriri – need to be careful it’s not seen as opening the entire area up to the public and ensure retention of the estuary as a wildlife sanctuary.


3.33pm        Cranford Hospice (Chris Tremain, Janice Byford-Jones and David Compton) sub #690. Provide an update on developing the new Cranford at the Joan Fernie gardens and arboretum. Seeking commitment from HBRC to contribute $2M to the Cranford Hospice development, drawing from investment returns.

3.43pm        HB District Health Board (Rowan Manhire-Heath & Nick Jones) (sub #687). Requests Council more directly target Sustainable Homes funding to those most in housing need. DHB has a ‘Go well’ travel plan, has cycle storage facilities and parking fees pay for 100% subsidised bus fares for staff.

The meeting adjourned at 3.55pm and reconvened at 4.15pm

4.15pm        Water Safety NZ (Neil McInnes) sub #764 via zoom. Here today to ask HBRC to get involved in drowning prevention in partnership with Water Safety NZ. Local knowledge is where drowning risks are identified, along with prevention initiatives.

4.22pm        EnviroSchools, Sonya Sedgwick (sub #626). Sonya introduced Madison Millie. Enviroschools is seeking support in the secondary school education. 13% of greater Wellington secondary schools are EnviroSchools. Foster a generation of students that … Only 5% of secondary schools in HB are Enviroschools. Youth Climate Action Camp empowered participants to make change to live more sustainably and take initiatives for change to their schools and communities. Asking for funding for delivery of Enviroschools in secondary schools.

4.33pm        Maungaharuru Tangitu Trust (Callum Beattie & Tania Hopmans via zoom) sub #782. Kotahi Plan resourcing fundamental issue of submission. Increasing demands on iwi and need funding to build capacity to be able to meet those, particularly meeting requirements of changing legislation including Te Mana o Te Wai in order to give effect to the principles of mana whakahaere, kaitiakitanga and manaakitanga. Need funding to be given directly to tangata whenua and HBRC should consider service contracts with tangata whenua. Those mandated to engage on the Kotahi Plan Change on behalf of their hapu will need to be resourced to be able to do that effectively at every stage as a full partner.


Pieri Munro offered a karakia to close the meeting.


There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 4.46 pm on Monday 17 May 2021.

Signed as a true and correct record.



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