Date:                          Monday 3 May 2021

Time:                          9.00am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     Cr R Graham, Chair

Cr R Barker

Cr W Foley

Cr C Foss

Cr N Kirton (from 11.27am)

Cr C Lambert

M McIlroy (Māori Committee Co-Chair)

Cr H Ormsby

M Paku (Māori Committee Co-Chair)

Cr J van Beek

Cr M Williams


In Attendance:          J Palmer – Chief Executive

P Munro – Te Pou Whakarae Māori Partnerships

L Hooper – Team Leader Governance

T Munro – Māori Engagement Coordinator

Te Ama-RereTai Rangihuna – Te Reo Interpreter

Submitters as recorded


1.       Welcome/Karakia/Apologies/Notices

The Chair welcomed everyone and Pieri Munro led the group in offering a karakia to open the meeting.


RC19/21     That the apologies for lateness from Councillor Neil Kirton for lateness be accepted.



2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

The Chair advised that tangata whenua representatives Michelle McIlroy and Apiata Tapine were, to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest, asked to choose whether to present their verbal submissions or participate on the Hearing panel. Michelle McIlroy advises she will participate on the Panel in order to support other whanau making verbal submissions and if there is not anyone available to speak to the submissions from Hinemihi Marae and Te Hononga o Nga Awa Trust they speak for themselves. Apiata Tapine has decided that he will speak to the Te Teinga Marae submission and not participate on the Panel.

There were no conflicts of interest declared.



Submissions Received on Whether to Establish Māori Constituencies for HBRC for the 2022 Election



That Hawke’s Bay Regional Council receives and considers the written submissions received on the “Consultation on whether to establish Māori Constituencies for Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.





Māori Constituencies Submissions Hearings



That Hawke’s Bay Regional Council receives and considers the verbal submissions on the “Consultation on whether to establish Māori Constituencies for Hawke’s Bay Regional Council” as presented by members of the community.




The Council commenced hearing verbal submissions at 9.10am

9.10am     Mike Bulter on behalf of Hobson’s Pledge (submitter 211) reiterated his opposition to the establishment of Māori seats as already sufficient number of Māori participating on Council’s committees in addition to the 2 elected Māori councillors, provided a brief history of Māori seats and advised 293 of the 311 responses to Hobson’s Pledge flyer were against Māori seats.

9.23am     Mark Cleary (sub #250) reiterated his strong support for Māori constituencies for numerous compelling historical, democratic, socioeconomic and environmental reasons, to guarantee key constitutional rights as promised by the Treaty, and as a minor move toward tinorangatiritanga. He then stepped through 4 historic acts of systematic subjugation, marginalisation, disenfranchisement against and land theft from Kahungunu whanau and hapu – which he believes would not have happened if Māori were at the governing table.

9.31am     Jenny Nelson-Smith (sub #269) on behalf of the Waipukurau Marae as Chair reiterated support for the establishment of Māori seats to afford those on the Māori roll the same rights as nationally with Māori electorates – the ability to vote for someone that truly represents them.  Asking for transformative change that will come with guaranteed Māori representation to ensure the Māori view is properly considered in decision making. Māori view of ownership is one of community (whanau or hapu). Need representatives that understand the Māori world view and complexities of Māori society. Population statistics are moot – the Treaty was a partnership agreement between the Crown and the indigenous people (Māori) of Aotearoa. Hapu will make this work.

9.45am     Mat Mullany on behalf of Ngati Parau Hapu Trust (sub #722) reiterated the Trust’s support for Māori constituencies as one of many ways to work with Māori and encourage participation in local government, to ensure guaranteed constitutional status as per Te Tiriti, and be accountable to them. Trends show increasing number of Māori on the Māori roll in HB and higher than national average.  Of the view that guaranteed proportional representation for Māori will be as 2 of 9 total regional councillors to reflect the percentage on the Māori roll. Urges Council to undertake a Tiriti audit to ensure obligations are being met.

9.54am     Christine Kidwell (sub #20) handed around her unwritten submission - a piece of paper to demonstrate the clean slate opportunity presented with the racist legislation (lines on one side of the page) removed. Looks forward to a future when Māori and Pakeha mokopuna will sit in unity as partners at the decision making table. Tangata whenua are ready.

9.59am     Kellie Jessup (sub #270) Māori have waited too long for this history making Kaupapa, and lost a lot of people along the way. The right for Māori to speak and kaitaikitanga in true partnership to honour the Treaty

10.05am   Heather Te Au – Skipworth (sub #832) hundreds of tupuna packing the rafters, whakapapa always comes first and politics second, uphold the Treaty. Disappointed the consultation literature gave light to racist Hobson’s Pledge and quantified Māori by providing population statistics about Māori. Status quo not an option for Māori, promised mana oriti, equal rights & interests, by Te Tiriti.

10.15am   Dianne Smith on behalf of hapu from Mataweka Marae in Waipawa via Zoom (sub #719) first thanked CHB rep Will Foley for his social media updates. Reiterated wholehearted support for the establishment of Māori constituencies following national direction to guarantee the unique matauranga of Māori in decision making, create positive and collaborative working partnerships.

10.22am   Wi Derek Huata (sub #215) four parts to submission, being part 1 by Moana Jackson, second what are Māori wards, thirdly David Seymour of the Act Party and lastly Hobson’s pledge. Spoke about racism, a deeply embedded ideology in NZ, colonisation and the marginalisation of Māori, giving examples. When the 10 minute speaking time had elapsed the Chair asked the submitter to stop speaking.

The meeting adjourned for morning tea at 10.35am and reconvened at 11.05am

11.10am   Thompson Ratima Hokianga (sub #378) Māori want what’s best for the region and to protect their interests, knowledge, resources and practices from being misappropriated and disrespected. Māori constituencies will ensure robust decision making processes through relationships between decision makers, hapu and marae – direct, long lasting relationships. Matauranga Māori will benefit everyone.

11.20am   Frederick Puriri (sub #850) supports Māori constituencies as a way for Māori to share ancestral tikanga and Kaupapa to contribute to making decisions about what happens to our wai, maunga, whenua and moana. All things need balance.

Neil Kirton arrived at 11.27am

11.31am   Karaitiana Wayne Aranui (sub #845) simple message is “the time for change is now, because it is the right thing to do” and Māori need guaranteed representation at the Council table as a right, not as a favour. Asks councillors to stand tall and make this honourable decision. Make decisions that make everyone feel included and that inspire young people to aspire to become leaders and run for Council.

11.37am   Pat Magill on behalf of Napier Pilot City Trust (sub #1000) reiterated support for Māori constituencies as Treaty based democracy, to fix what’s not right. With the change of legislation councillors are the only roadblock to having guaranteed Māori representation and a step toward bringing everyone together for a better, more human world. Identifying as Māori and representing Māori are not the same. Māori constituencies as well as, not instead of, committees.

11.47am   Duane Culshaw on behalf of Wairoa District Council Māori Standing Committee representing 37 marae (sub #925) support having Māori at the decision making table, which should not replace any current committee or partnership arrangements. Up to those on the Māori roll to participate in the election process to ensure the candidate(s) elected represent their issues.

11.50am   Henare Mita (WDC Māori Standing Committee Chair) on behalf of Kotahitanga Marae / Unity Hall (sub #648) reiterated wholehearted support for Māori seats and that those should not replace current committee or partnership arrangements HBRC has already. Have adequate advisory Māori voices which would be enhanced by having Māori in decision-making capacity. Wairoa District Council has never disagreed with a recommendation made by their Māori Standing Committee that he can recall.

12.10pm   Christina Stockman (sub #110) Kaiako for over 30 years, and encourages HBRC to establish Māori constituencies because if it is good for Māori it is good for everyone. Wants a partnership to reverse some of the environmental damage done and add strength to the vision through Māori values and tikanga being at the decision making table.

12.23pm   Paul Bailey (sub #344) supports the establishment of Māori constituencies. Counter to the points raised by submitters in opposition, separatism is already ingrained in the current system of constituencies split by geographic area and it could be considered undemocratic to allow non-resident ratepayers to vote when they already vote elsewhere. View that Māori Committee should be retained. Have to rely on the collective wisdom of the voters to elect the best person to represent them. Key benefit of Māori  constituencies would be getting more Māori involved in local government.

12.35pm   Margaret Simeon (sub #210) 25th generation of whanau to live in Tamatea and whakapapa to a long line of chiefs. Supports Māori seats as a means of protecting the rights of Māori and affirmative action that does not diminish anyone else’s rights. Partnership, participation, protection.

12.45        Attempts to contact Rana Huata, scheduled to speak at 12.50pm, were unsuccessful

The meeting adjourned at 12.50pm and reconvened at 2pm

2.00pm     Jess Mio (sub #13) looking for transformational constitutional change to a system of government that has been forced onto Māori, to their detriment. Keep making positive steps to change the systems.

2.10pm     Elizabeth Gear (sub #743) Opposes Māori wards as views it as divisive and racist and takes away the voting rights of those on the General Roll.

2.20pm     Ngapuoterangi Hohepa on behalf of Waipuka Māori Reservation Trust (sub #633) his hapu, whanau and marae. Supports Māori seats to uphold the promises made in Te Tiriti for partnership in decision making. Māori have waited long enough.

2.30pm     Des Ratima on behalf of Te Roopu Kaitiaki o te Wai Māori (sub #1070) and Evelyn Ratima on behalf of the Whakatu Action Group (sub #1074) Need unity and equality. People elected in Māori constituencies would be chosen by and have the mandate to speak on behalf of Māori.  1835 Declaration of Independence for the Confederation of Tribes gave way to Te Tiriti in 1840 – to move together in partnership, as one people. WW1 Māori didn’t have rifles but instead buried the dead, dug the trenches and supported the fight. WWII Māori “paid the price of citizenship” and went to war to make a better future for their people, but came home to nothing. The establishment of Māori seats is a means of self determination for Māori as full partners because they deserve it – it is about unification and it must happen.

3.00pm     Tania Eden on behalf of Te Taiwhenua o Te Whanganui ā Orutu (sub #826) to begin Hori Reti offered a mihi. Here as Treaty partners and mandated iwi authority. Māori tired of fighting and consulting and having to make submissions every time they want something. Support Māori constituencies as a means of ensuring participation by Māori in decision making and enrich the Council with the unapologetic voice of Māori. Councillors need to stand up now and lead this. Opportunity to do more and do better together.

The submissions made on behalf of Hinemihi Marae (sub #94) and Te Hononga o Nga Awa Trust (sub #683) were not verbally presented.

3.13pm     Paora Sciascia (sub #364) here today as a soldier; it is time for the difference that the Māori view provides; it should have happened a long time ago as a partnership in accordance with Te Tiriti and asking for this positive change now, without further delay.

3.23pm     Jacob Scott on behalf of Nga Aho Inc (sub #1003). Important that local government meets the aspirations of Māori as partners, working for the benefit of future generations at the decision making table.

The meeting adjourned at 3.34pm and reconvened at 3.46pm

3.46pm     Alice Saathof (sub #297) does not support Māori constituencies as views it as eroding local democracy and provides disproportionate representation to Māori, giving away the rights of non-Māori, racist and elitist and an incremental process to delivering power into the hands of Māori over other New Zealanders. Supports a colour blind society, and one person one vote.

3.57pm     Tania Huata (sub #707) introduced her daughter Jessica and niece Larissa. Stresses the importance of having kanohi ki te kanohi. Through her role on the Regional Planning Committee she has seen the Council working to support Māori and supports Māori constituencies to honour the partnership with Māori in accordance with Te Tiriti

4.08pm     Jenny Mauger on behalf of Ngā Kaitiaki o Te Awa a Ngaruroro, Kahungunu ki Te Matau a Māui (sub #1107) Paintings by Margaret Simeon were displayed on the table. The current autocracy and HBRC has to lift its game. Iwi management plans have been hyper controlled or ignored. Measure economies on wellbeing. Over 300 pieces of legislation deliberately and strategically framed to extract land from Māori.

Cr Rick Barker left the meeting at 4.18pm

4.20pm     Matt Edwards (sub #167) This issue should be considered as an issue of principle. Difficult to understand the abilities of candidates with such brief ‘CVs’. One truth comes from the one god. Councillors represent all ratepayers. Opposed to setting up separate Māori constituencies to elect representatives based on race and views it as divisive. NZ going backwards because we’ve got away from the truth. NZ history not relevant to this, instead look at World history.

Pieri Munro offered a karakia to close for the day.

The meeting adjourned at 4.30pm on Monday, 3 May 2021.



The meeting reconvened at 9.00am on Tuesday,4 May 2021


Present:                     Cr R Graham, Chair

Cr W Foley

Cr C Foss

Cr N Kirton

M McIlroy (Māori Committee Co-Chair)

Cr H Ormsby

Cr J van Beek

Cr M Williams


In Attendance:          J Palmer – Chief Executive

P Munro – Te Pou Whakarae Māori Partnerships

L Hooper – Team Leader Governance

Te Ama-RereTai Rangihuna – Te Reo Interpreter

Submitters as recorded




1.         The Chair welcomed everyone and Pieri Munro led the group in opening the day with a karakia.

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Rick Barker and Charles Lambert and Mike Paku.



Māori Constituencies Submissions Hearings


The Council recommenced hearing verbal submissions.

9.05am     Alayna Hokianga (sub #1032) spoke of her whakapapa and reiterated her support for Māori constituencies to honour and value, equally, Māori tikanga tangata and hope for a better tomorrow.

9.20am     Sheryle Allen (sub #758) representing her whanau at Omahu. Māori voices need to be heard especially on water issues, and Māori constituencies would help Council fix environmental issues impacting the health of Māori, particularly the effects of agrichemical spray drift on the community at Omahu

9.35am     Florence Karaitiana (sub #272) spoke of the racist legislation against Māori, breaches of Te Tiriri and the work of Andrew Judd to change that. Disappointed that consultation was not taken to marae. Māori constituencies a new concept for many tangata whenua and need to take information out to marae.

The meeting adjourned at 9.48am and reconvened at 10.03am

10.04am   Apiata Tapine on behalf of Te Reinga Marae (sub #848) reiterated support for Māori constituencies as a way to work with tangata whenua in partnership informed by 1000 years of matauranga Māori (southern hemisphere) environmental practice to create a better future

Discussion about whether the need for Māori constituencies comes from obligations of Te Tiriti Article 2 or the view that Māori need to be involved in fixing the environmental degradation that’s occurred.

10.24am   Christine Scott on behalf of Environment, Justice, Peace – St John’s Cathedral Napier (sub #852) reiterated vision to build a just and equitable society, Māori Committee an excellent forum and should be retained and suggests increasing council to 11 members in order to retain representation for rural ratepayers and that the make-up of the Māori constituencies should be determined in consultation with mana whenua.

10.40am   Narelle Huata (sub #915) feels responsibility to speak today on behalf of her tupuna. Asks that Council trusts Māori to enter into the partnership of Māori constituencies.

The meeting adjourned at 10.55am and reconvened at 11.20am

11.28am   Jamera Goes (sub #1016) supports honouring Te Tiriti and Māori representation on HBRC as kaitiaki of the land, for the greater good of NZ and will push for Māori voice on environmental issues.

11.36am   Matewai Pene on behalf of Takitimu Marae Trust (sub #945) supports Māori constituencies to honour Te Tiriti Article 2 and the principles of Partnership, Participation and Protection – the 3 principles of Te Tiriti. Need to have the right Māori elected by the Māori community. Work together on the partnership to fulfil aspirations.

11.54am   Ngatai Huata (sub #1047) spoke of the kawai rangitira and whakapapa to the atua, te hononga mareikura whakapapa in support of Māori constituencies to honour the Māori version of Te Tiriti.

12.10pm   Matewai Pene on behalf of Takitimu Marae Trust (sub #945) supports Māori constituencies as a means of meeting obligations to Māori in accordance with Te Tiriti Article 2.

12.24pm   Alice Wairau (sub #562) definitely support Māori constituencies as a way of giving effect to Māori kaitiakitanga. Concerns about the effects pollution from RocketLab launches is having on the beach and ocean underneath the launch site.

Jerf van Beek returned to the meeting at 12.28pm

12.29pm   Katarina Kawana (sub #90) on behalf of Wairoa Awa Restoration Project provided a presentation of the consultation undertaken on the Māori constituencies korero with posts reaching thousands of people – garnering 100% support for the establishment of Māori constituencies for Hawke’s Bay

12.43pm   Whai-ora Maindonald (sub #84) want to take the opportunity to sit at the Council table as true Treaty Partners to improve the environment. Spoke of the degradation of the Wairoa awa and how it needs to be fixed.

The meeting adjourned at 12.52pm and reconvened at 1.35pm

1.45pm     Huia Libya Huata (sub #865), Cordry Tawa Huata on behalf of Mangaroa Marae (sub #871), Wi Te Tau Huata (sub #911) and Rana Huata on behalf of Ramoto Kireara Marae (sub #276). Māori, as the first people of this land, have had to fight to have a Māori voice at the decision table of HBRC and if Council does not have the courage to make the right decision to establish Māori constituencies hopes Minister for Local Government overturns it and replaces councillors with Commissioners. Tupuna refused to sell their land and did not cede any of their rights under Te Tiriti. Mangaroa community strongly supports having Māori seats at the Council table. Seeking Treaty relationship and equal partnership. Strong family commitment to education, Te Reo and tikanga. More than 600 ha of Māori owned arable land deliberately denied access to water. Despite constraints of LGA and LEA definitely support the establishment of Māori seats. View that Central Government is being instructive with the change of legislation to enable the creation of Māori seats. Challenge Council to advocate for more Māori seats after locking in the first two seats.  Māori – Ngati Kahungunu should determine the best model for representation in HB.

2.30pm     Leona Karauria (sub #1094) Here today representing tupuna and rangatira who helped form her perspectives and understanding. Challenges with the legislation, supports the change to remove the barrier of the poll to establishing Māori constituencies and legislative moves to elevate Māori. 1000% supports Māori seats however not right that only those on the Māori roll can vote for Māori seats and sees the need for further legislative change to provide equity for Māori.



Councillor Hinewai Ormsby led the group in offering a karakia to close the meeting.




There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 2.53pm on Tuesday, 4 May 2021.

Signed as a true and correct record.




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