MINUTES OF A meeting of the Regional Transport Committee


Date:                          Friday 7 December 2018

Time:                          10.15am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     Cr A J Dick – HBRC – Chair

                                    Cr F Wilson – HBRC – Deputy Chair

                                    Mayor A Walker – CHBDC

                                    Mayor C Little – WDC

Cr K Price – NCC

                                             Cr T Kerr – HDC

                                    E Speight – NZTA


In Attendance:          B Gregory – HBRC Māori Committee

                                    P Michaelson – AA

                                    S Young – Port of Napier

                                    I Emmerson – Road Transport Association

                                    A Mills – KiwiRail

Mayor S Hazlehurst – HDC

M Broderick – NZ Police

L Hooper– Principal Advisor Governance

L Malde – HB DHB


TAG                           A Redgrave – HBRC

                                    R Malley – NCC

                                             L Young – WDC 

                                             S Barnett – NZTA

                                    O Postings – NZTA


1.       Welcome/Apologies/Notices

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting, including two new members – Lisa Malde (HB DHB) and Anthony Mills (NZTA).


RTC27/18     That the apologies for absence from Ian Emmerson and Cr Ann Redstone (HDC) be accepted.



2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflict of declarations.



Short Term Replacements for the 7 September 2018 Regional Transport Committee Meeting




4.       Confirmation of Minutes of the Regional Transport Committee held on 7 September 2018



Minutes of the Regional Transport Committee held on Friday, 7 September 2018, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed as a true and correct record.





Follow-ups from Previous Regional Transport Committee Meetings


NZTA looking at safety work including public communications plan and signage as it gets closer to the Napier-Wairoa line re-opening. There is pro bono radio campaign on Breeze and Radio Live advertising up to 17 December, aimed at rural drivers – and a suggestion that the campaign be extended, to run during the period leading directly up to the reopening. KiwiRail progressing with the work to re-establish the line. Signage shortcomings in Bayview have been addressed by NCC. Crossing at Awanui Road in Wairoa is very busy and on an angle that doesn’t lend itself to clear visibility, so will be important to consider additional mitigation for that location. Issue raised with the road maintenance through Bayview.

Matt Broderick arrived at 10.25am

262 containers of bottled water through the Port last financial year, and so far this year 100 containers put through so potential for approximately 600 by the end of 2018-19.

SH 38 upgrade is being developed, with work being done on the economic benefits analysis and design including costings.

Port working toward commencing rail freight 1 May, subject to KiwiRail having completed the reestablishment works by the end of April. Freight only on the line, until such time as the risks associated with passenger services can be mitigated satisfactorily.



That the Regional Transport Committee receives the “Follow-ups from Previous Regional Transport Committee Meetings”.





Call for Items of Business not on the Agenda


There were no items raised:



Provincial Growth Fund Opportunities


Tom Skerman introduced the item, outlining potential opportunities for the RTC to pledge its support or endorsement for applications under the PGR’s Tier 3 Infrastructure programme, and highlighting:

·      CHB DC PGF application to address forecast increase in logging truck traffic and the impacts on roading infrastructure including road and bridge widening and strengthening. Connections between rural roading networks through all of the region. Applications related to Transport should be included in the Regional Land Transport Plan, with coordination of applications led by regional CEs and TAG members working on applications

·      Suggestion that letters of support from RTC for individual council applications be approved in principle, for delegation to the Chair to sign once the applications are completed.

·      SH2 passing opportunities Napier-Gisborne, realignment of Waikare Gorge, and reestablishment of Napier-Wairoa rail line have received PGF monies.

·      Projects must be included in the Regional Land Transport Plan as required by the application process. Best to get advice from Provincial Development Unit.

·      Logic for bundling regional ‘bridge strengthening’ work to advance individual needs collectively, and to that end RTC endorsement will enable staff to get on with the work of developing the applications

·      Package of projects that are aligned, rather than one overall business case

·      Advocacy for 4 laning the expressway, HDC proposal to address the impacts of significant growth in the region and Napier Port throughput has HB regional leaders’ endorsement. Looking at distance from Pakowhai/Links intersection through to Meeanee overbridge. Expressway is an NZTA road, so any proposals will need to be worked through with them.  Study of impacts of forecast horticultural growth on traffic patterns, including modelling, needs to be undertaken.

·      Impacts of Links Road roundabout construction on vehicle movements is being monitored and won’t be fully assessed until all construction completed.

·      Joint application to have the transport model updated was submitted to NZTA for inclusion in the NLTP but was not approved at that time. Expressway is vital link from CHB through to the Port, with bottlenecks at bridges, and suggestion that put forward the proposal’s development to feasibility stage to determine what additional information is required to progress four laning

·      Business case for Napier Port access has been developed, however RTC suggesting a regional integrated transport priority plan strategy review similar to the Tairawhiti plan. The work already undertaken with Crown funding can be built upon. Need for approach to PGF as not an NZTA priority road.

·      Committee to request the Napier Port Access study from the Crown under the Official Information Act.



That the Regional Transport Committee:

1.      Receives the “Provincial Growth Fund Opportunities” report

2.      Agrees that the decisions to be made are not significant under the criteria contained in Council’s adopted Significance and Engagement Policy, and that Council can exercise its discretion and make decisions on this issue without conferring directly with the community and persons likely to be affected by or to have an interest in the decision.

3.      Endorses those transport related PGF applications currently in progress and agrees to provide letters in support of each application signed by the Chairperson when requested to do so.

4.      Agrees that the Provincial Growth Fund application to develop an integrated transport priority plan including updating the transport model be developed and submitted in the name of the Regional Transport Committee.


Abstained: Speight



5.      Endorses a Provincial Growth Fund application from Hastings District Council for four laning the expressway.


Abstained: Speight


6.     Endorses the approach by TLAs to prepare a joint application for HPMV capability on rural roads.


Abstained: Speight


7.     Endorses the HPMV Capability through to Palmerston North freight hub access Provincial Growth Fund application for development by the Manawatu-Wanganui Transport Committee.




Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst left the meeting at 11.49am


8.     Endorses the development of the Ahuriri Detailed Business Case – the investment case to improve safety, efficiency and community cohesion outcomes for State Highway 50 through Ahuriri.





Regional Public Transport Plan Review


Anne Redgrave advised the updated, proposed Plan

·      Started review in May 2018, with targeted stakeholders providing very detailed responses as well as conducting a survey to determine key issues and strategic responses

·      New website for buses and new ticketing system planned activities already done

·      View that rural public transport needs to look at new, innovative methods for transport as alternatives to public bus services

·      Services to Parklands and the proposed new swimming pool complex will be investigated and addressed



That the Regional Transport Committee receives and notes the “Regional Public Transport Plan Review” staff report.





NZTA Central Region - Regional Relationships Director's Report December 2018


Emma Speight spoke to the update, highlighting:

·      Targeted enhanced funding assistance applications

·      Safe networks for our communities, and safe systems four principles of 1. People will make mistakes, 2. People are vulnerable, 3. We all have a role to play, 4. We need to look right across the system for solutions (safe speeds, safe vehicles, safe behaviour, safe roads)

·      Provincial growth fund applications

·      Long term view – strategic context NZTA works within and feeding that into the next RLTP process

·      Better investment proposals – business case approach, endorsed and structured with online training modules available on the NZTA website

·      Economic evaluation model has been updated and is available on NZTA website

·      HB activities including Clive meeting relating to issues with SH2 corridor from Clive to Awatoto and re-numbering of state highways through HB (Expressway SH2 consolidated through Napier and through to Hastings)

·      Safe roads work underway on SH3 Wairoa to Bay View and Pakipaki to Waipukurau

·      PGF projects – SH2 passing opportunities in early stages, focused on investigating opportunities for quick wins and Waikare Gorge will get underway in early 2019

·      Mohaka Bridge, and whether any resilience planning can be done should the bridge fail for any reason

·      Maintenance contracts for the road between Napier – Wairoa and Gisborne.



That the Regional Transport Committee receives the NZTA Central Region – Regional Relationships Director’s Report for December 2018.



Fenton Wilson left the meeting at 12.00pm


December 2018 Transport Manager's Report


Anne Redgrave spoke to her report, highlighting:

Presentation by NZTA’s Director, Connected Journey Solutions on the future of transport

Stock effluent disposal facility in Wairoa is progressing, and a formal update will be provided once a site has been determined.



That the Regional Transport Committee receives and notes the “December 2018 Transport Manager's report”.





Roadsafe Hawke's Bay September 2018 update


Work under way on high risk issues



That the Regional Transport Committee receives and notes the “RoadSafe Hawke's Bay December 2017 Update” staff report.





December 2018 Public Transport Update


·      Recent survey highlighted issues with buses running on time, and new GoBay website is up and running

·      Investigations into drop in patronage on some urban routes under way

·      Total Mobility usage continues to trend upward

·      Fair Go and NZTA thanked for work in Takapau with the community to deliver commercial bus service



That the Regional Transport Committee receives and notes the “December 2018 Public Transport Update” report.





Advisory Representatives' Verbal updates


Lisa Malde (HB DHB) - travel plan won excellence in service award at Health awards, 18% reduction in individual vehicles to site, 7% rise in use of public transport, walking up by 3%, top choice of ideal transport by staff was bike. Bus ridership to Hastings Hospital up 115% in October.

Paul Michaelsen (AA) raised red light runners as an issue at the last meeting, with survey results recently released, with Hastings intersection the worst. AA research showed 1 in 4 accident victims was not wearing a seatbelt. NZTA has identified this as a significant issue and planning targeted ad campaign. Children sitting in the front seat of the car are in danger of serious injury from airbags if they are involved in a crash.

Brian Gregory (Cultural) roadworks on Tapaire Road adjacent to two marae

Anthony Mills (KiwiRail) Mechanical issue caused derailment on Hastings bridge. Investigating fixing the western entrance to the Port where there was a train vs truck accident. Napier Port terminal no. 1 in NZ. Pandora network yard is in final stages of emptying and site clean-up – shifting to new site. Putting a clear case to government for investment in rail, including economic  benefits. Capacity on the line south, to carry produce to and from Hastings to the Port.

Steve Young (Napier Port) looking forward to the new weigh bridge and lights at rail crossing, trial to reduce truck numbers



That the Regional Transport Committee receives the Advisory Representative Verbal Updates





Discussion of Items not on the Agenda


There were no items raised



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1.05pm on Friday, 7 December 2018.


Signed as a true and correct record.




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