Meeting of the Hawke's Bay Regional Council



Date:                 Tuesday 4 December 2018

Time:                9.00am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



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3.         Our Port - Have Your Say Hearings and Decision Making Processes

Attachment 3:      Option A submissions                                                                       2

Attachment 4:      Option B submissions                                                                   101

Attachment 5:      Option C Submissions                                                                   219

Attachment 6:      Option D submissions                                                                   227

Attachment 7:      None of the Above or No Option Selected                                    234

Attachment 8:      Our Port Social Media Analysis                                                    328   

Option A submissions

Attachment 3


Option B submissions

Attachment 4


Option C Submissions

Attachment 5


Option D submissions

Attachment 6


None of the Above or No Option Selected

Attachment 7


Our Port Social Media Analysis

Attachment 8