MINUTES OF A meeting of the Hawke's Bay Drinking Water Governance Joint Committee



Date:                          Wednesday 15 August 2018

Time:                          10.00am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     Mr G Cowie - Chairman

Mrs A Apatu (HBDHB)

Mr K Atkinson (HBDHB)

Cr P Bailey (HBRC)

Cr T Belford (HBRC)

Mayor S Hazlehurst (HDC)

Cr C Lambert (WDC)

Mayor C Little (WDC)

Cr S Nixon (HDC)

Cr K Price (NCC)

Mr N Tomoana (NKII)

Cr K Watkins (HDC)

Cr K Wise (NCC)



In Attendance:          L Hooper – HBRC Principal Governance Advisor

E Lambert – HBRC Group Manager Regulation

R Douglas – HBRC Senior Planner

W Jack – NCC Chief Executive

C Thew – HDC


1.       Welcome/Apologies/Notices

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and Ngahiwi Tomoana offered a karakia.

There were no apologies, nor notices.


Secretarial note:    apologies from councillors Tim Aitken and Shelley Burne-Field, Central Hawke’s Bay District Council representatives, noted as advised 27/08/18.


2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflict of interest declarations.


3.       Confirmation of Minutes of the Hawke's Bay Drinking Water Governance Joint Committee meeting held on 10 May 2018



Minutes of the Hawke's Bay Drinking Water Governance Joint Committee held on Thursday, 10 May 2018, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed as a true and correct record.





Confirmation of Māori Representative Appointment


The item was taken as read.



The Hawke’s Bay Drinking Water Governance Joint Committee receives and formally accepts the appointment of Ngahiwi Tomoana to represent Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Inc.





Jim Graham, Water New Zealand Environmental Scientist  - Drinking Water Safety Presentation


Jim Graham introduced himself and made a presentation about the health impacts of drinking water contamination, in particular campylobacter, which he previously provided at the 3 Waters conference facilitated by LGNZ, WaterNZ and IPWEA (Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia). The presentation covered:

·      Contaminants, toxins, viruses and bacteria (campylobacter, e-Coli, arsenic, cyanide, cryptosporidium, cyanobacteria) and levels required to impact human health

·      Interventions and treatments to reduce infection and/or illness including UV, chlorine and multi-barrier approach

·      Emerging threats to drinking water safety including endocrine disruptors and pharmaceuticals

·      Source protection is the first barrier in multi-barrier approach



That the Hawke’s Bay Drinking Water Governance Joint Committee receives and notes the “Drinking Water Safety” presentation by Jim Graham.






Arsenic In Groundwater – Protocol for Response


Liz Lambert introduced the item, advising that the protocol has arisen after three incidents of high levels of arsenic being identified in self supply drinking water bores and that the protocol endeavours to ensure targeted messaging is consistent across the agencies involved. The protocol:

·      Covers the actions that are to be taken when an incident arises

·      Identifies the obligations of the agencies involved, and who can do what

·      Messaging around whether the response is to the potential long term exposure or the acute risk of very high levels



That the Hawke’s Bay Drinking Water Governance Joint Committee:

1.      Receives and notes the “Arsenic in Groundwater – Protocol for Response” staff report.

2.      Approves the adoption of the protocol, subject to any amendments agreed at the meeting and subject to the addition of any agreed outstanding information.





Update on HBRC TANK Plan Change Potential Drinking Water Safety Provisions


Craig Thew provided an explanation of the work to date on source protection zones for the TANK plan change process, including maps showing the zones for the Hastings drinking water sources as an example of how the zones are defined.

Rina Douglas provided an overview of the work the joint working group was tasked with by the TANK stakeholder group, and objectives, rules and policies required give effect to the protection measures. The TANK stakeholder group accepted the recommendations made by the joint working group and Goodearth Matters, subject to some further technical clarification and inclusions, and the Regional Planning Committee has received the draft Plan Change.

Clarification was sought in relation to contaminant levels or restrictions in source protection zones and equitable requirements for industrial / commercial enterprises and growers/farming operations, through use of Farm Environmental Management Plans and Environmental Management Plans for Commercial/Industrial premises as a resource consent requirement if not on reticulated stormwater network.



That the Hawke’s Bay Drinking Water Governance Joint Committee:

1.      receives and notes the “Update on HBRC TANK Plan Change Potential Drinking Water Safety Provisions” staff report.

2.      notes that the HBRC staff TANK project team and the Joint Working Group will continue to work together to incorporate the drinking water safety provisions into the draft plan change.






Joint Working Group Work Plan Update


Rina Douglas provided an update on the work programme, highlighting the recent prioritisation of work for the TANK plan change process and the communications strategy under development.

Craig Thew provided an update on the key risks TLAs are addressing and/or managing through its water safety management plan.

There was a request for the joint working group to investigate and provide the Committee with information on the drinking water supply issues in Central Hawke’s Bay, specifically Ongaonga and Tikokino, including where responsibities lie for relevant agencies.



That the Hawke’s Bay Drinking Water Governance Joint Committee receives and notes the “Joint Working Group Work Plan Update” staff report and associated action plan.




Mayor Hazelhurst updated the Committee on discussions in relation to the implementation of changes to 3 waters delivery on a regional basis as signalled by central government.

Paper presented to a meeting with Minister Mahuta on how a regional approach (model) could work in Hawke’s Bay and sought government co-funding for a review of 3 waters delivery in HB.

Mayor Craig Little and Wayne Jack added contextual information around the potential pathways the government is investigating for the review in line with a section 17a review process, focussing on customer needs and capacity across the region. Once terms of reference for the review established, will be taken to councils for their agreement.


Ngahiwi Tomoana offered a karakia to close the meeting.



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 12.28pm on Wednesday 15 August 2018


Signed as a true and correct record.




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