Meeting of the Hawke's Bay Regional Council


Late Items


Date:                 Wednesday 13 December 2017

Time:                10.15am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street





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Decision Items

12.       Recommendations from the Corporate & Strategic Committee                                   3  




Wednesday 13 December 2017

Subject: Recommendations from the Corporate & Strategic Committee


Reason for Report

1.      The following matters were considered by the Corporate & Strategic Committee meeting on 11 December 2017 and the recommendations agreed are now presented for Council’s consideration.

Decision Making Process

2.      These items were specifically considered by the Committee.



The Corporate and Strategic Committee recommends that Council:

1.      Agrees that the decisions to be made are not significant under the criteria contained in Council’s adopted Significance and Engagement Policy, and that Council can exercise its discretion and make decisions on this issue without conferring directly with the community and persons likely to be affected by or to have an interest in the decision.

Submission on Remuneration Authority Elected Representatives' Remuneration Review

2.      Agrees to support the submission by Local Government New Zealand in respect of the Review of Elected Members’ Remuneration.

3.      Agrees to advise the Remuneration Authority of its support for the LGNZ submission while also noting additional views on council sizing and setting remuneration; being:

3.1.      opposition to the use of socioeconomic deprivation index and tourist guest nights to calculate council size

3.2.      support for the inclusion of land area in the council size calculation for regional councils.

Audit NZ Management Report for HBRC Annual Report for Year Ending 30 June 2017

2.      Forwards a letter to HBRIC Ltd requesting that Napier Port change their annual reporting date to 30 June to align with the Group and Council financial year dates

Reports Received

4.      Notes that the following reports were provided to the Corporate and Strategic Committee

4.1.      Recommendations from the Finance, Audit and Risk Sub-Committee (Did not agree the scope for the Water Management Internal Audit or initiation of that)

4.2.      Compliance and Land Management Departmental Review Findings

4.3.      Motor Vehicle Fleet Efficiency & Policy; Responses to Woodham Efficiency; Council S17a Activities and Information Technology Review Updates

4.4.      HBRC Procurement Policy Review and GoBus Contract

4.5.      HB Tourism Future Funding Scenarios

4.6.      Health and Safety Update Report for the Period 1 May Through 30 November 2017

4.7.      Community Engagement and Communications Quarterly Update.



Authored by:

Leeanne Hooper

Governance Manager


Approved by:

Liz Lambert

Group Manager
External Relations




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