MINUTES OF A meeting of the Māori Committee



Date:                          Tuesday 12 December 2017

Time:                          10.15am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                       M Mohi - Chairman

M Apatu

Cr Barker

Cr Bailey

B Blake

                                    D Culshaw

B Gregory

H Hilton

A Manuel

M Paku

A Robin

P Sciascia

A Te Tomo

Carl Cherrington (for Peter Eden)

Cr F Wilson


In Attendance:          J Palmer – Chief Executive

                                    T Skerman – Group Manager Strategic Development

J-A Raihania – Senior Policy and Strategic Advisor

S Cave – Team Leader Open Spaces

J Buttery – Governance Administration Assistant

1.       Welcome/Apologies/Notices

The meeting opened with a Karakia from Haami Hilton and he wished James Palmer, Councillors and Council staff, Merry Christmas from the Māori Committee.




That the apologies for Councillor Graham and Peter Eden be accepted for absence and from Councillor Wilson for lateness.




2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflicts of interests declared.



Short Term Replacements for 12 December 2017 Meeting



The Maori Committee agrees that Mr Carl Cherrington and Councillor Paul Bailey be appointed as members of the Māori Committee of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for the meeting on Tuesday 12 December 2017 as short term replacements for Peter Eden and Councillor Graham.




4.       Confirmation of Minutes of the Māori Committee Meeting held on 17 October 2017



Minutes of the Māori Committee held on Tuesday, 17 October 2017, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed as a true and correct record.





Follow-ups from Previous Māori Committee Meetings


Duane Culshaw explained that after making contact with the Department of Conservation and the Ruawharo marae regarding the pines behind the marae, the marae has now requested that nothing be done and asked that the matter now be considered closed.

Duane Culshaw expressed the gratitude of Ruataniwha Marae to HBRC for their work  relating to flooding issues. Steve Cave, Team Leader Open Spaces, will provide an update later in the meeting.

The remaining items were taken as read.



That the Māori Committee receives the “Follow-up Items from Previous Māori Committee Meetings report.






Call for Any Minor Items Not on the Agenda


Reason for Report



Raised by


Importance of Resource Consent notifications

Marei Apatu


Introduction of Carl Cherrington and his business plan of housing in NZ.

Api Robin



Duane Culshaw




8 & 9

Verbal Update on the HBRC 2018-28 Long Term Plan Process & Verbal Update on Current Issues by CE


James Palmer spoke of his personal disappointment at the Council decision on Māori representation, but staff respect that it was a decision for Councillors to make before making a presentation about the LTP process and incorporating an update of current events including:

·      Council is in a period of change, and in the future will have a bigger level of impact on the big issues

·      Key to this is the partnerships that Council has with many organisations across the community.

·      Pre-engagement with community told Council where money should be spent.

·      Council has a heavy reliance on investment income.

·      General rates revenue is very low.

·      Council have made a commitment made to save $500,000

·      Port of Napier needs a new wharf and how it is to be funded.

·      Consultation topics are still under consideration.

·      Showing the options indicative rates increases.

Councillor Barker advised this is not a status quo budget, and is Council wanting to make changes for the betterment of the environment.

Mr Mohi reminded Mr Palmer of a promise made four years ago to employ a Māori staff member at the executive level, which Mr Palmer acknowledged, advising that the proposed appointment of a Tumuaki is presently still under discussion in line with proposed staff structure changes.

Marei Apatu spoke of strategic relationships that the Māori committee have with Council and Councillors, and the vision for the future, while querying what council’s expectation of the Māori Committee is. Māori Committee members concerned about only rubber stamping of Council decisions, and could be more value for the Council if they offered support to Council. A lot resource sitting around the Māori Committee table that could be of use to Council.

Mr Palmer told the committee that as Council moves into more of an implementation phase they will endeavor to bring issues back to the Māori Committee for comment.

Mr Mohi spoke of the Māori Committee’s desire to work more hand in hand with the Regional Planning Committee.



That the Maori Committee receives:

1.      The “Verbal Update on the HBRC 2018-28 Long Term Plan Process”.

2.      The verbal “Update on Current Issues by Chief Executive”.





Māori Representation on HBRC - Next Steps


Mr Mohi acknowledged the work of Mike Paku in the discussions about Māori representation and the presentation of the hui a iwi feedback and Māori Committee recommendation to the 15 November Council meeting and spoke of the robust debate that happened around the Council table. Mr Paku acknowledged the work of Council staff, expressing his gratitude to Council for allowing the door to remain open to discuss this matter further in future.

Wairoa’s disappointment at Council’s final decision not to establish Māori constituencies was also noted.



That the Maori Committee send a letter of introduction to the Minister, to keep her informed of what is happening in the HBRC area.



That the Māori Committee:

1.      Receives and notes the “Māori Representation on HBRC – Next Steps” staff report.

2.      Agrees to the development of a 2018-2019 Work Programme for the Māori Committee to pursue options for the future establishment of Māori Constituencies for HBRC.



Councillor Wilson arrived at 11.37am.


Verbal Update on Current by HBRC Chairman and CE


This item was combined with Item 8



From Item 2 of Follow-ups - An update from Hawke’s Bay Regional Council staff member


Steve Cave explained that he was asked to help with the erosion problem on the Wairoa River near the Ruataniwha Marae, and put together a programme of work to help to fix the problem. The implementation has commenced, but will take 2 years to complete. Ruataniwha Marae is extremely happy and grateful for the work done so far to reclaim the bank and stop the erosion.

Mr Cave advised the committee that erosion near the Urupa site further up the river is not able to be fixed because of the nature of the flow of the river, and the Carroll whanau and the rest of the Urupa will need to be moved to another site. It is unknown if HBRC is able to help with the repatriation of those whanau.



Update - Outstanding Water Bodies Plan Change


Mr Tom Skerman provided an overview of both items. Marei Apatu spoke of the meaning of taonga and how this is a bit of political football at this time, with the expectation that greater consideration will be given in future.

Mr Skerman advised the committee that he is happy to circulate the report.

It was pointed out that Tangata Whenua representation does not only sit with the Regional Planning Committee, and that the Māori committee needs to receive these reports so that they can make comment.



That the Māori Committee receives and notes the “Update on Identification of Outstanding Freshwater Bodies Work Programme” staff report





Presentation by Richard Brooking - Whakaki


This item was not presented.



Update on Oil & Gas Plan Change Work Programme


Mr Skerman provided a brief update, explaining the steps in the plan change process. Comment was made that there are limits to consultation with PSGEs alone, and it is a conversation that needs to happen unilaterally.



That the Māori Committee receives and notes the “Update on Oil & Gas Plan Change Work Programme” staff report.





December 2017 Statutory Advocacy Update


Mrs Raihania spoke to the item. Comment was made about the resource consent for Ministry of Education wastewater management, and queried whether this could be a community benefit, to future proof the quality of their water.



That the Māori Committee receives and notes the December 2017 Statutory Advocacy Update staff report.

Mohi/Te Tomo




Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda


This document has been prepared to assist Committee members note the Minor Items Not on the Agenda to be discussed as determined earlier in the Agenda.



Raised by


Importance of Resource Consents

All members receive a list of resource consent applications received by Council, and Mr Apatu implored every Maori Committee member to go through them carefully and make comment when appropriate.

He noted the new track on Te Mata peak, which is an outstanding landscape and natural feature, now with the visual intrusion of a walkway as an example of Maori having missed the opportunity to object to this intrusion.

This also highlights the need for Maori Committee representatives to provide this information back to their Tangata Whenua when they feel it needs comment.

Marei Apatu


Introduction to Carl Cherrington, who explained his proposal promoting a housing units franchise from Australia, to help alleviate the housing problems being experienced in New Zealand.

The units would be brought across from Brisbane on ships fully equipped and cyclone proof.

370 units will house 1,000 people.  $60,000 each.

Useful housing for seasonal workers as well.

Api Robin


Resignation from the Maori Committee

Duane Culshaw explained that he is no longer the Kahungunu Executive representative and therefore can no longer be a member of the Maori Committee.

He thanked the HBRC and the Maori Committee for the opportunities he has experienced being the youngest member ever on this committee.

Duane Culshaw




Mr Mohi asked Mr Hilton to close the meeting with a karakia.



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 12.30pm on 12 December 2017.


Signed as a true and correct record.




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