MINUTES OF A meeting of the

Māori Committee



Date:                          Tuesday 20 June 2017


Time:                          10.45am



Ruawharo Marae

Opoutama Village Road



Present:                       M Mohi - Chairman

M Apatu

Cr Barker

B Blake

C Butler

                                    D Culshaw

Cr R Graham

B Gregory

H Hilton

K Kawana (Proxy – Wairoa)

A Manuel

M Paku

P Sciascia

Cr F Wilson



In Attendance:          Cr P Bailey

E Lambert – Group Manager External Relations

J Raihania – Senior Planner & Strategic Advisor

C Edmonds – Senior Planner

J Buttery – Governance Administration Assistant


1.       Welcome/Apologies/Notices

          A formal powhiri was given by the Ruawharo people outside their dining room.  Kaumatua for the Maori Committee Haami Hilton replied.

          Karakia -   Mr Haami Hilton

          The Chair welcomed, introduced everyone and explained that the Māori Committee represented all Taiwhenua in the region and that the Māori Committee existed at the behest of the Regional Council. The Committee was meeting at Ruawharo so that they could hear of any problems in the area that could be taken back to managers in Napier to enable some solutions.




That apologies from Peter Eden be accepted.




2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflict of interest declarations.



Short Term Replacements for 20 June 2017 Meeting



The Māori Committee agrees that Kataraina Kawana be appointed as member of the Māori Committee of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for the meeting on Tuesday 20 June 2017 as short term replacement for Peter Eden.




4.       Confirmation of Minutes of the Māori Committee held on 11 April 2017



Minutes of the Māori Committee held on Tuesday, 11 April 2017, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed.





Follow-ups from Previous Māori Committee Meetings


Mrs Raihania spoke to the follow-ups; the next marae meeting will be in November at Heretaunga with Marei Apatu managing the hosting process in conjunction with Regional Council staff. The 2018-2028 Long Term Plan Māori Committee submission and the adoption of the Charter and Terms of Reference were both items on the agenda



That the Māori Committee receives the Follow-up Items from Previous Māori Committee Meetings report.





Verbal Update on the Māori Committee Charter and Terms of Reference


Mrs Raihania spoke of the meeting held 19 May in which a number of issues were discussed including the Charter and the Terms of Reference. There was a continued desire that the Māori Committee be formed within the constructs of the Te Taiwhenua Ngati Kahungunu structure. It was then agreed that discussion continued with Ahuriri and Maungaharuru Tangitū, who currently are represented within the Te Taiwhenua o Whanganui A Orutū.

Mr Mohi took the opportunity to explain to those present the formation of the Māori and the Tangata Whenua membership to the Regional Planning Committees. He also spoke on the responsibilities and duties of each committee. The Māori Committee was focussed at marae/hapū level whereas the Regional Planning Committee was set in statute and contains representatives of the treaty groups.

Mr Moana Rongo a representative from Rongomaiwahine Iwi Trust told the committee that they were an Iwi in their own right and find it difficult to see how the Taiwhenua represented them. They would like their own representation because the Taiwhenua do not speak to them.

Mr Mohi explained that there was no simple answer to how you obtain representatives across the board. It was agreed that times are changing and there needs to be a conversation reflecting this change. Mr Culshaw thanked Mr Rongo for the timely reminder that he does represent Rongomaiwahine and he needs to visit on a regular basis to take their concerns back to the Māori Committee.



That the Māori Committee received the verbal update on the Māori Committee Charter and Terms of Reference.





Call for any Minor Items not on the Agenda


There were no minor items.



Māori Committee Input into Long Term Plan 2018-2028


Mrs Raihania gave the meeting the background of this memo including its meeting discussion held at the 19 May meeting. Through this discussion it was clear that the Māori Committee members were eager and committed to add their views for the next Long Term Plan.

Mr Mohi spoke of the mana of both the Māori Committee and the Regional Planning Committee and the desire for more Māori input into the pages of the Long Term Plan. He spoke of the desire for a Senior Māori Manager in the HBRC, more training for the committees, more notice taken of waahi tapū sites and greater attention paid to the Hapū Management Plans.



That the Māori Committee:

1.      Receives and notes the “Māori Committee Input into the Long Term Plan 2018-2028” report.

2.      Agrees that the decisions to be made are not significant under the criteria contained in Council’s adopted Significance and Engagement Policy, and that the Committee can exercise its discretion and make decisions on this issue without conferring directly with the community and persons likely to be affected by or to have an interest in the decision.

3.      Forwards the memo dated 13 June 2017 to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for consideration at the 26 July 2017 meeting.




Local Submissions

Mrs Thompson spoke of her family as 5th generation farmers in the area, having recently acquired some land in the Kopuawhara valley, they were advised that they needed to apply for a resource consent to follow their plan to allow the Manuka (for the honey) to regenerate on the upper slopes under a covenant in perpetuity, and the lower slopes to be cleared of the Manuka and Kanuka so that the land could be grazed. In 2015, following consultation with HBRC, they received approval in principle, and they lodged their application for a resource consent. They have spent considerable money on various reports and cannot understand why HBRC were named as an affected party. Cr Graham told Mrs Thompson that if she could put her concerns in writing addressed directly to him, he would follow up with staff.

Wairoa River: Ms Michelle McIlroy from the Wairoa Wastewater group spoke about the Wairoa River and the oxidation ponds. They are concerned about discharges into the river where they have always collected their kai. They are also concerned about the age of the pipes and cannot agree to any further consents being issued. Cr Graham asked Ms McIlroy to send an explanation of her concerns to him.

Quad Bikes: Mrs Sophie Dodds spoke to the meeting about the quad bikes and four-wheel drive vehicles which run on the beaches and rock destroying the formations, this happens on the whole peninsula but mostly around the Whangawehi area. Someone needs to do something about this. Mrs Dodds had raised this subject before and nothing has been done. The police cannot do anything suggesting the Wairoa District Council but this is between the low and high water line which is Hawke’s Bay Regional Council responsibility. Mrs Dodds tabled a map showing the area of concern.

Wairoa River Bar: Mr Paul Kelly expressed concern about the rubbish surrounding the Wairoa River Bar and the continuing problem of the bar and where it is situated. It frequently blocks and causes flooding in the town. He also noted the sewage which is pumped into the river and the rat problem that this causes. There needs to be some sort of solution, and he was asking the Māori Committee to seek a solution from HBRC.

Mr Rau Cooper spoke also of the Wairoa River being a drain, constantly silting up and causing problems for fishermen.

Cr Wilson spoke to the matters raised, saying the he felt Mrs Dodds’ pain, and the issue had previously been over a “paper road”. He reminded everyone that the Wairoa River has always been a silt river, however the wastewater consent only had 2 years to run and the problems should be solved before that. Regarding the river bar, Cr Wilson did not feel that a hard solution would work, as it was fighting against nature.

Ruawharo Marae: A spokeswoman from the marae told of a serious problem on the marae with the self-sown pines on the hill behind which are affecting the spring which supplies water to the settlement of Opoutama. She wondered who, either HBRC or DoC could help them to get rid of the pines. Mr Culshaw offered to obtain a GIS Map of the site to identify the area and the spring.

Black’s Beach: Mr Whaanga from Ruawharo Marae raised the matter of Black’s Beach, the name of which needs to be changed to the original name of Waitaniwha Beach. Mr Whaanga also brought up the need for a footpath in Opoutama so the small children were safe from traffic. Mr Culshaw told the meeting that these issues were WDC issues and he was more than happy to raise on their behalf.

Mr Paora Sciascia (Member of the Māori Committee) spoke of his whakapapa connection with the wider Mahia area and how pleased he was to return to New Zealand after 27 years in Australia.


Verbal Update on Current Issues by HBRC Chairman


Cr Graham spoke of the Council’s real desire to have a true partnership with Māori at all levels throughout the region. He said that the current elected members had lofty aspirations for the region and he was pleased to note that the strongest allies for what the Council wanted to achieve was Māoridom.

He explained that there have been a lot of changes at the Council in the last eight months, appointment of a new Chief Executive, James Palmer, and new directors to the commercial company, all with very strong environmental credentials. The Council plan to ban GMOs to protect the environment and to eliminate fracking in and around the aquifer. The six hotspots identified in the Long Term Plan, including Ahuriri, Whakiki Lagoon, Tūtira and Lake Whatuma.



That the Māori Committee receives the Verbal Update on Current Issues by HBRC Chairman report.





OECD Environmental Performance Review and Public Perception Survey of NZ’s Environment 2016


Mrs Raihania told those present that this report had already been circulated to both the Regional Planning Committee and the Environment and Services Committee.



That the Māori Committee receives the OECD Environmental Performance Review and Public Perception Survey of NZ’s Environment 2016 report.





June 2017 Statutory Advocacy Update


Mrs Raihania made special mention of the Marine and Coastal Areas (Takutai Moana) Act applications in this report.



That the Māori Committee receives and notes the June 2017 Statutory Advocacy Update staff report.





HBRC Staff Work Programme through June 2017



That the Māori Committee receives the HBRC Staff Work Programme through June 2017 report.




Mrs Liz Lambert - Group Manager of External Relations told the meeting that the new Chief Executive James Palmer was sorry that he could not be present for the meeting, having only started in the position the day before.

She gave an update on the Havelock North Water Enquiry – Stage 2 resumes next week 27 June, which will be looking further at the issues but this will be followed by the another Hearing in August, which will be looking at solutions. She wanted to reassure the committee that the HBRC, Hastings District Council and HB District Health Board were jointly preparing a submission for the August Hearing.


Ms Daphne Ropiha spoke of flooding which has happened in Kopuawhara and the confusing information received from different agencies regarding solutions.


Ms Connie Norgate, Manager the Department of Conservation spoke of the privilege of attending the meeting and noting that these issues belong to everyone and everyone needed to work together to find solutions.


Cr Barker thanked everyone for their attendance, and told of how productive these kinds of meetings were. He explained that HBRC from here need to do what they can do and come back to the people and explain what they can’t do.



Mr Hilton closed the meeting with a Karakia.



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1.05pm on 20 June 2017.


Signed as a true and correct record.




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