EXTRAORDINARY meeting of the Regional Council



Date:                          Wednesday 1 March 2017

Time:                          9.00am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     R Graham - Chairman

P Bailey

R Barker

P Beaven

T Belford

A J Dick

D Hewitt

N Kirton

F Wilson


In Attendance:            M Mohi – Maori Committee Chairman

V Moule – Human Resources Manager

J Buttery - Governance Administration Assistant



1.       Welcome / Notices

The Chairman welcomed everyone present.



That apologies for lateness from Councillor Debbie Hewitt be accepted.




2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflict of interest declarations.




Chief Executive Recruitment and Appointment of Interim Chief Executive


Mr Moule introduced the item, which seeks confirmation of the process to fill both the permanent CE position and an Interim position until the permanent one has been filled. In response to a query, Mr Moule further explained that because the incumbent is not applying for the position and there is a need to cast the net wide, a consultant will assist in this process.  The same consultant could also be used in the appointment process underway for the new Group Manager, possibly resulting in a cost saving.

Councillor Hewitt arrived at the meeting at 9.03am.

It was argued that the use of a consultant, given the circumstances, is sensible to assist with this process and ensure that a professional, transparent process is conducted. It was further noted that a consultant would have contacts and links to spread the net wider than councilors themselves could.



That Council:

1.      Agrees that the decisions to be made are not significant under the criteria contained in Council’s adopted Significance and Engagement Policy, and that Council can exercise its discretion and make decisions on this issue without conferring directly with the community and persons likely to be affected by or to have an interest in the decision.

2.      Agrees to commence the process of advertising a vacancy for the position of Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Chief Executive.

3.      Delegates the recruitment process to an Appointment Sub-committee comprised of Chairman Rex Graham, Deputy Chairman Rick Barker, and Councillors Tom Belford, Alan Dick and Neil Kirton.

4.      Approves the appointment of Mike Mohi to the Appointment Sub-committee.

5.      Confirms that the Appointment Sub-committee will undertake the short-listing of candidates with the appointed consultant, with all Councillors and Mike Mohi being involved in the interviews.

6.      Confirms that all Councillors will be involved in establishing an appropriate Employment Agreement including relevant KPIs.

7.      Confirms that the Appointment Sub-Committee members will also be delegated to carry out the selection process for an Interim Chief Executive to act as Chief Executive until a suitable permanent candidate has commenced, and recommend a preferred candidate to Council for appointment.



8.      Confirms that the Appointment Sub-Committee will negotiate the final remuneration package and appropriate employment agreement with the successful candidate for the permanent Chief Executive role.




Councillor Dick requested that his apology for lateness be extended to the Regional Planning Committee, as did Councillor Wilson, to attend to a prior commitment related to the Regional Transport Committee.

Councillor Hewitt reiterated her request that her apology for absence be extended to the Regional Planning Committee, to attend a funeral.



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.06am on Wednesday, 1 March 2017.


Signed as a true and correct record.



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