MINUTES OF A meeting of the Maori Committee



Date:                          Tuesday 14 June 2016


Time:                          10.15 am



Waipukurau Club

10 Russell Street Waipukurau


Present:                     M Mohi - Chairman

R Barker

D Culshaw

R Graham

B Gregory

H Hilton

A Manuel

M Paku

D Pipe

R Maaka


In Attendance:          E Lambert – Chief Executive

M Adye – Group Manager Asset Management

I Maxwell – Group Manager Resource Management

          J Palmer – Group Manager Strategic Development

V Moule – Human Resource Manager

J Raihania – Senior Planner/Maori Policy Advisor

N van Pelt  - Minutes Secretary

Cr D Hewitt – HBRC Councillor

Cr C Scott – HBRC Councillor

Tangata Whenua of  Central Hawkes Bay and Wairoa


1.       Welcome/Apologies/Notices 

Following the powhiri Chairman Mike Mohi thanked the mana whenua for their welcome and for attending this hui to focus on the issues concerning tangata whenua of Tamatea. He acknowledged the presence of a number of tangata whenua not just from Tamatea but also those who made the journey from Wairoa.

Mr Mohi introduced Regional Council staff attending the meeting.


MC14/16    Apologies were received from: Mssrs B Blake, P Prentice, J Maihi-Carroll, F Wilson and M Apatu.



Several apologies were submitted from the floor.


2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflict of interest declarations



Short Term Replacements for 14 June 2016


There were no short term replacements for Tuesday 14 June 2016.


4.       Confirmation of Minutes of the Maori Committee held on 12 April 2016



Minutes of the Maori Committee held on Tuesday, 12 April 2016, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed as a true and correct record.




5.       Matters Arising from Minutes of the Maori Committee Held on 12 April 2016

There were no matters arising.


9        Suspension of Standing Orders

Chairman Mohi moved that standing orders 3.3 Conduct of Meetings (3.3.1, 3.3.3, 3.3.5), 3.7 Order of Business (3.7.6), 3.8 Rules of Debate (3.8.2, 3.8.3, 3.8.4, 3.8.5 3.8.6, 3.8.7), and 3.9 Motions and Amendments (all) be suspended for the meeting to allow for open discussion with all present.





Tangata Whenua Issues Discussion


Committee Member inter-relations

Mr Culshaw and Mr Paul Kelly on behalf of the Wairoa District Council (WDC) Maori Committee asked that the HBRC Maori Committee consider having a member of the current HBRC Maori Committee sit on the WDC Maori Standing Committee. Mr Paul Kelly understands there are 3 Wairoa members on the HBRC Maori Committee and the request is that one of those members attends the WDC Maori Committee meetings to try and strengthen the bond between both the committees and the WDC, and in turn would like this to be reciprocated.

Conclusion: General consensus that it is a great idea, will be discussed at next meeting with the members and then get back to Mr Kelly.

Water Technology for the Oxidation Pond and Sewage discharge into the Tukituki

Concerns over the Oxidation Ponds compliance and what is being done to prevent overflow in the future. Tangata whenua also wanted assurance that sewerage discharge into the river would never happen again. Representatives from CHBDC could not guarantee that sewerage would never discharge into the Tukituki again due to unusual heavy rain events that the system may not be able to cope with.

How to get water to Marae

Mrs Patricia Gregory had concerns over how we are going to get water to marae.

Conclusion: To help the Council understand the issues around marae water supply, Mrs Lambert offered to put Mrs Gregory onto the right people at Council to discuss the matter.

Whatuma Lake

Dr Roger Maaka  gave some context around Lake Whatuma and his concern that the lake is now only about 1/3 of the size it once was. In part this is due to Council’s predecessors lowering the level of the lake to increase the farmland around the outside. Under treaty settlement the iwi are getting back the part that is owned by DoC (approx. 100 acres) on the southern side of the lake, however there is no road access. Restoration will take a minimum of 50 years.  The iwi don’t have the resources, people power, finances or scientific knowledge to help this lake flourish again. In the future the iwi will be approaching Council and other groups to help restore the lake to its former glory.

Conclusion: A paper on the issues related to Lake Whatuma will be prepared for the next meeting of the Maori Committee.

What is happening with Lindsay Bush

Tangata whenua would like to see this area restored and regenerated. At the meeting it was unclear who has responsibility for the bush but the Regional Council does not.



Tukituki Implementation Principles


Mr Maxwell presented the Tukituki Implementation Principles. Staff have been developing a working document that outlines the intended approach to implementation of the broad policy and rule frame work embodied in Change 6 for the Tukituki catchment. Mr Maxwell talked about  how they will be put into practice, how they are developed and enforced



That the Maori Committee receives and notes the “Tukituki Implementation Principles” report.





Verbal Update on Gravel Management


Mr Adye gave an overview on riverbed gravel how it is used, how it is charged for and why we extract the gravel from out our rivers.



That the Maori Committee receives the verbal update on “HBRC Gravel Management”





Verbal Update on Current Issues by the Regional Council Chief Executive


Mrs Lambert gave an update on what has been happening with the Council in the previous month.

Consultation on the Annual Plan has been taking place the last few weeks, with submissions being heard last week.

Council has approved the funding of $200,000 to go towards Matatini costs.

Subject to NCC and HDC agreeing, HBRC has agreed to jointly purchase Waipatiki Camping Ground

Waihi Dam - Council has laid charges against Eastern Group



That the Maori Committee receives the ‘Verbal Update on Current Issues by the Regional Council Chief Executive and Chairman’.




9        Reinstatement of Standing Orders

Chairman Mohi moved that standing orders 3.3 Conduct of Meetings (3.3.1, 3.3.3, 3.3.5), 3.7 Order of Business (3.7.6), 3.8 Rules of Debate (3.8.2, 3.8.3, 3.8.4, 3.8.5 3.8.6, 3.8.7), and 3.9 Motions and Amendments (all) be resumed to allow for the meeting to be formally closed.




Karakia Haami Hilton



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 12.37pm on Tuesday 14 June 2016.


Signed as a true and correct record.




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