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Meeting of the HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

Joint Committee



Date:                 Friday 2 October 2015

Time:                10.00 am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street





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1.         Welcome/Notices/Apologies 

2.         Conflict of Interest Declarations  

3.         Confirmation of Minutes of the HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group held on 24 March 2015

4.         Matters Arising from Minutes of the HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group held on 24 March 2015

5.         Call for General Business

Information or Performance Monitoring

6.         Joint Committee Update Report                                                                                   3

7.         General Business                                                                                                        19  



HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

Joint committee    

Friday 02 October 2015

Subject: Joint Committee Update Report         


Reason for Report

1.      Due to unforeseen events over the last couple of weeks staff have been unable to complete detailed reports for the matters to be covered in this meeting.

2.      Instead this report will briefly cover the matters concerned with brief presentations and an opportunity for discussion to be given at the Committee meeting.

3.      The items to be covered in this meeting include:

3.1.      Hawke’s Bay Lifelines Group Update

3.2.      Hawke’s Bay Welfare Update

3.3.      Exercise Te Matau a Maui

3.4.      Hawke’s Bay CDEM Annual Report 2014/15

3.5.      Group Work Programme Update

Hawke’s Bay Lifelines Group Update

4.      The Hawke’s Bay Lifelines Group has reinvigorated itself over the last few months.  Lifelines as critical infrastructure play a vital role in response and recovery.

5.      A new Lifelines Chairman being Oliver Postings from NZTA, has been appointed and a core Committee formed to drive future work.

6.      Main achievements for the last 90 day period have been;

6.1.      Finalisation of the Terms of Reference;

6.2.      An Introduction and Promotional Booklet for Lifelines; and

6.3.      Collating data for the Critical Sites and Prioritisation Study.

7.      The Lifelines Group met with Lisa Roberts (NZ Lifelines Committee) in August to discuss future work programmes and where to focus the group’s efforts. An overview of what other regions were doing in the Lifelines space was given with a view to aligning our efforts as well as understanding where others have already done work that Hawke’s Bay  wishes to do in future.

8.      Essentially the group has determined that completion of a Vulnerability Study will be the primary focus in the immediate future. Filtering out of this will be a number of other projects, including Fuel Contingency Plans and interdependency assessments.

9.      Oliver will attend the meeting to give an update and answer any questions the Committee may have.

Hawke’s Bay Welfare Update

10.    The National CDEM Plan has been reviewed and updated. The revised plan will come into force 1st December 2015. Lessons learnt from Christchurch are reflected in the revised plan, particularly the emphasis on welfare.

11.    As a result the revised plan has a number of new and amended welfare responsibilities for CDEM Groups and partner welfare agencies. The Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management has also consulted on a Director’s Guidelines Welfare which details how the new arrangements should be operationalised.

12.    Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group are planning the transition to these new arrangements in consultation with our welfare agencies.  

13.    A short PowerPoint presentation will describe the implications of the new welfare arrangements.

Exercise Te Matau a Maui

14.    This exercise (based on an earthquake) is programmed for 11/12 November. 

15.    Seventy Seven organisations were invited to participate in the exercise.  Seventy Four responded indicating their level of interest and nature of planned participation.  This response was exceptionally high and exceeded expectations but reflects post Christchurch interest to practice integrated emergency management.

16.    GNS were commissioned to draft a detailed scenario that would inform participating organisation’s about the earthquake hazard, the likelihood of the scenario’s occurrence and consequences.

17.    This Scenario was presented to 47 participating organisations at the earthquake Hazard workshop on 6 August. 

18.    An Earthquake Consequences Workshop was run on 17 September with a similar number of organisations attending.  The purpose of this workshop is to identify the consequences of the exercise scenario that significantly impact on the Hawke’s Bay Community.

19.    The information gathered from the workshop participants will be used to finalise Organisation Situation Reports and Action Plans for initial operational period post-earthquake.

20.    In support of the delivery of the exercise, the following training activities have been occurring in parallel:

20.1.    Delivery of the Integrated Training Framework (ITF) “Foundation” course has occurred at each Local Authority.  The courses delivered were also offered to partner organisations and were well received with requests to provide further opportunities to attend this training.

20.2.    Similarly delivery of EMIS training facilitated by the Group and offered to partner organisations has been well received. 

20.3.    The next phase the ITF “Intermediate” Course has been rescheduled as a consequence of national rollout delays.  The first of this two day course was run last week with further courses being scheduled for early October. Interest from partner agencies to have staff attend is high.

21.    At the meeting staff will discuss the Committee’s participation in the exercise.  This is a good opportunity for the Committee to discuss and understand their role in an emergency such as an earthquake.

22.    The delivery of the exercise project is on track and has been more successful than anticipated, based on the number of Agencies choosing to participate.  The scenario document has been accepted as realistic and Agency Exercise Facilitators have commenced developing injects for their organisations.  Feedback form the workshops have been very positive.

Hawke’s Bay CDEM Annual Report 2014/15

23.    Attached is a report from the September CEG meeting advising of the annual report results for the Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group.

24.    This report will be discussed at the meeting.

Group Work Programme Update

25.    At its September meeting the CEG reviewed the work carried out on the Group work programme.

26.    The CEG noted that there are financial and resource implications in the implementation of this work programme.  These can be summarised as:

26.1.    Realignment of the existing spend by the local authorities to support the implementation of a work programme.

26.2.    Alignment of the agreed additional resourcing approved by the CEG and subsequently the HBRC in its Long Term Plan.

26.3.    Changes to the way the Local EMOs work with increased focus on implementing the Group work programme at a local level and if necessary surging capability to help implement initiatives at other TLAs.

26.4.    Increased work tempo which will impact on other local authority staff and partner agencies.

27.    As a result of decisions made by the CEG in February with regard to the structure of the Group Office and the subsequent approval of additional funding in July by the HBRC as part of its Long Term Plan 2015, a reorganisation of the Group Office has just been completed.  This process has been undertaken by Wayne Jack, Liz Lambert and Ian Macdonald.

28.    It is hoped that the resulting additional resources will be in place by the end of this year to enable the work programme to significantly move forward.

29.    The six priority projects were identified as:

29.1.    Community Response Plans

29.2.    Contingency Plans

29.3.    Developing and Maintaining People

29.4.    EOC Group Facilities

29.5.    Exercises

29.6.    SOPs

30.    A short presentation will be given at the meeting explaining the objectives and outcomes sought for each of these projects.



1.    That the HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Joint Committee receives the Joint Committee Update Report.



Ian Macdonald

Group Manager/Controller  Hawke's Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management





HB CDEM Group Annual Report 2014-15




Annual Report 2014-15




HB CDEM Group Annual Report 2014-15

Attachment 1


CDEM Coordinating Executive Group  

Friday 04 September 2015

Subject: Hawke's Bay CDEM Group 2014-15 Annual Report         


Reason for Report

1.      The purpose of this report is to provide for the information of the CEG the CDEM section of the HBRC Annual Report as required under the Local Government Act 2002 (LGA).


2.      As the Hawke’s Bay CDEM Administrating Authority, the HBRC collects the targeted rate for CDEM Group activities.  Under the LGA the Council must set and monitor performance measures which are reported annually.

3.      As mentioned in the previous report, there is a need to review this historic reporting as to how it can be incorporated into reporting to CEG.

4.      Some of the performance measures while emergency management related, they are actually the functions of the HBRC under flood and waterway management and oil spill response.  The report is attached to this agenda item.




1.    That the CEG receives the report titled Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group 2014-15 Annual Report.



Ian Macdonald

Group Manager/Controller  Hawke's Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management





Annual Report 2014-15




Annual Report 2014-15

Attachment 2



HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group   


Friday 02 October 2015

SUBJECT: General Business        



This document has been prepared to assist the Joint Committee to note any General Business Items to be discussed, as determined earlier in the Agenda.