MINUTES OF A meeting of the Regional Transport Committee



Date:                          Friday 7 August 2015


Time:                          10.15 am



Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     A J Dick - Chairman

C Bain

J Emmerson

G Brown

B Gregory

M Herbert

T Kerr

T Kingston

C Little

D Murray

K Santer

R Bleakley

R Barker


In Attendance:          C Dowdell – NZTA

R I’Anson - NZTA

A Redgrave – HBRC Transport Manager

M Welsby – HBRC Sustainable Transport Coordinatior

K Santer - Kiwirail

J Pannu – HDC

C Thew HDC

A Goes - WDC

S Barnett –

N Van Pelt – HBRC EA




1.       Welcome/Apologies/Notices

Chairman Alan Dick welcomed everyone to the meeting


RTC28/15            That the apologies from, Inspector Matt Broderick, Mr Mark Clews, Mr Jon Schwass and Mr Shawn McKinley be received.



2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflicts of interest declarations.



Short Term Replacements for the Regional Transport Committee



1.     That Senior Sergeant Greg Brown be appointed as a member of the Regional Transport Committee of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for the meeting of Friday 7 August 2015 as short term replacement on the Committee for Inspector Matt Broderick.




4.       Confirmation of Minutes of the Regional Transport Committee Meeting held on 8 May 2015



Minutes of the Regional Transport Committee held on Friday, 8 May 2015, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed.




5.       Matters Arising from Minutes of the Regional Transport Committee Meeting held on 8 May 2015

There were no matters arising from the minutes.



Follow-ups from Previous Regional Transport Committee Meetings


·         State Highway 38 - As of 1 July, Wairoa District Council has taken over the delegated maintenance to State Highway 38. To remain on the list of Follow-Ups for further detail about the proposed business case on the route between Wairoa and the Bay of Plenty region.

·         Napier/Gisborne Rail – Correspondence between HBRC and KiwiRail included in the agenda. KiwiRail are looking for proposals to lease or occupy the Napier to Gisborne Line. A Request for Proposal was advertised on the Government tenders website  about a week ago. Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has engaged an advisor who has researched the likely tonnages available for transport by rail.  Cr Barker asked whether the figures presented included wood in private forests. Mrs Redgrave to email the response to all members.

·         One Network Road Classification – this is progressing. All roading authorities have now submitted their transition plans for the new classification to NZTA. It was agreed to remove this item from the list of Follow-Ups.

·         Implications on the transport network of the water bottling plants. Activity is proceeding at the Awatoto plant although not visible from outside. All trucks must use State Highway 2.



1.      That the Regional Transport Committee receives the “Follow-ups from Previous Regional Transport Committee Meetings” report.





Call for Any Minor Items Not on the Agenda



That the Regional Transport Committee accepts the following minor items not on the agenda, for discussion as item 16:

1.    Wairoa to Napier Port Road – Tania Kerr

2.    Driver Licensing – Cr Rick Barker



Terms of Reference for the Regional Transport Committee


Mrs Redgrave outlined the amendments to terms of reference for the Transport Committee.



1.    That the Regional Transport Committee receives the report on the draft amended Terms of Reference.

The Regional Transport Committee recommends that Council:

2.    Agrees that the decisions to be made are not significant under the criteria contained in Council’s adopted policy on significance and that Council can exercise its discretion under Sections 79(1)(a) and 82(3) of the Local Government Act 2002 and make decisions on this issue without conferring directly with the community and persons likely to be affected by or to have an interest in the decision due to the nature and significance of the issue to be considered and decided.

3.    Approves the amended Terms of Reference for the Regional Transport Committee.





Public Transport Update


Ms Megan Welsby gave an update on Public Transport.

·         Passenger trips down by 7%

·         Traffic counts in Napier up by 5%

·         The greatest decline in numbers was in adult  fares

·         NCC have agreed to formalize 3 bus stops

·         Real-time passenger information – Transport Operations is preparing a business case to go to Council

·         Bikes on buses down slightly

·         Small increase in farebox recovery

·         Total mobility increase in trips of 6%

·         Working with Bayview community to ascertain what the demand is there for services there .

·         The Request for tenders for the bus service is currently open. The decision will be made by the  middle of September – pre tender meeting attended by 5 companies.



1.     That the Regional Transport Committee receives the report ”Public Transport Update”





National Land Transport Programme 2015-18


Mrs Anne Redgrave outlined regional allocations from the National Land Transport Programme. There were several requested activities that have not been included in the NLTP. These included two road improvement projects in Napier City, a State Highway passing lane project, Wairoa District Council’s Rainforest Resilience project and Walking and Cycling programme.  Improvements to State Highway 2 between Napier and Gisborne have also not been included but will be considered for inclusion in the 2018-21 programme. Investigative works have been included. 

The region’s priorities were mainly consistent with the NZ Transport Agency prioritisation. One notable exception was to the Pakowhai Rd-Links Rd-HB Expressway project, which the RTC gave Priority 1, along with the Whakatu Arterial Link and SH2- Napier Road Intersection. NZTA accorded the latter two Priority 2  but the former received a Priority 6. However the project has been included in the NLTP with a “probable” rating.  

The region’s successful Urban Cycle Fund application was highlighted. Cr Barker asked whether vertical markers at the start of cycle lanes had been trialled elsewhere. Sergeant Brown commented that similar centre line markers had been trialled in the region and lasted 24 hours, due to damage from heavy vehicles.

Ms Bleakley advised that the national infrastructure guidelines for cycling infrastructure were in development and she would investigate the use of vertical marker raised by Cr Barker.  A response to the draft may be coordinated through the TAG group.



1.     That the Regional Transport Committee receives the report on the National Land Transport Programme.





NZTA Central Region - Regional Director's Report for August 2015


Ms Raewyn Bleakley  spoke to the NZ Transport Agency  Regional Director’s report for August. There was concerns raised about the resilience of  the Manawatu Gorge and the improvements to the alternative route over the Saddle Road. Ms Bleakley will put together a more detailed paper on the long-term vulnerability of the Manawatu Gorge route  to present at the next  meeting.

Ms Bleakley reiterated that there had been  great progress in getting more freight on fewer trucks and the Agency now  wants to look at ways to improve the efficiency of the wider freight network,  focussing on the connections between road, rail and inter-modal freight hubs, with better coordination of long-term planning and development.

The Mohaka Bridge works have been  completed, with a speed restriction of 50km while the scaffolding is being removed.

The SH2 PakiPaki intersection officially opened on 1 August.

Cr Dick asked whether the wire rope barrier on SH2 would be on both sides of the road, or only on the seaward side. Ms Bleakley confirmed it would be seaward only, and that the 50km speed limit might be extended out to the end of the Norfolk Pines. Cr Herbert indicated that he would bring this to the Napier City Council’s attention.



1.      That the Regional Transport Committee receives the NZTA Central Region – Regional Director’s Report for August 2015’.





August 2015 Roadsafe Update Report


Mrs Redgrave went through the August 2015 Roadsafe Update Report and highlighted a positive trend in drug and alcohol related crashes.



1.    That the Regional Transport Committee receives the August 2015 RoadSafe HB Update Report‘.





August 2015 Transport Manager's Report


As a result of a discussion at the May meeting the Transport Manager was asked to comment on Bay of Plenty’s Regional Transport Committee’s success in achieving funding for the region. Mrs Redgrave highlighted the significant population and freight growth in the Bay of Plenty which necessitated urgent planning and upgrades to the transport network. The Smart Growth strategy  commenced in 2001 and there is also  a joint officials group  which was established in 2005 to advise on the transport needs for the region. As a result of this, the  Bay of Plenty received a large Crown allocation  to address congestion. Another initiative was the Upper North Island Strategic Alliance.

It was noted that the issues affecting the Western Bay of Plenty were very different to Hawke’s Bay, with most of Hawke’s Bay’s transport issues either resolved or on track.

Cr Dick recognised Aram Goes’ contributions to the committee and wished him well for the future.



1.     That the Regional Transport Committee receives the report.





Update on Napier Port Access Business Case


Simon Barnett, NZ Transport Agency Transport Planning Manager for Napier and Palmerston North offices, gave a presentation on improving access to the Port of Napier between the Pakowhai Road-Links Rd – HB Expressway intersection and the Port of Napier. The detailed business case will be completed by February 2016.

Mr Barnett outlined the 4 emerging focus areas for investment.  These are :

·         Meeanee to Pakowhai Road

·         Prebensen/Hyderabad Roundabout

·         Ahuriri

·         SH2B/Watchman Road intersection.

Emerging outcomes  include safety, freight efficiency, community and business interaction and road/rail integration.

Cr Dick requested that the Regional Transport Committee  receives a quarterly update on the business case.



1.      That the Regional Transport Committee receives the report and presentation on the draft programme business case for the Napier Port Access study.

Bleakley /Kingston




Verbal Reports from Advisory Representatives


Mr David Murray noted that technology is fast changing the way we move around,  with apps like Uber ever on the increase. Uber enables people , once they have a Passenger Service Licence, to operate as a quasi-taxi service, using their own vehicle. Private vehicles sit idle 99% of the time and  services like this enable better use to be made of them. 

Mr John Emmerson noted that all regions have had their AGMs and members would like clarification as to whether the huge amounts of money going in to cycling and walking are coming from the National Land Transport Fund. Ms Raewyn Bleakley clarified that the Urban Cycle Fund was a Crown allocation, but there is also a regular walking and cycling activity class within the National Land Transport Fund.

Mr Kim Santer - Gisborne line crews and engineers are looking at how to clear the forestry debris out of the culverts and drains around the rail line. In logging areas, the wash down of logs is affecting the rail line, roads and beaches also. KiwiRail is considering legal remedies for this. Cr Barker asked Mr Santer to notify the Chief Executive of HBRC of this.

Palmerston North to Napier services  have  reduced as a result of the Ravensdown issue  in 2014 and Fonterra choosing to use a different port.



That the Regional Transport Committee receives the verbal reports from the Advisory Representatives.





Minor Items Not on the Agenda





Councillor / Staff


Wairoa to Napier Port road

Cr Kerr requested an investigation into the level of service on this route, as she is concerned about the safety of vehicles on this road as well as the number of road closures.  A clear understanding of the existing and projected issues in relation to safety, resilience and efficiency is necessary. Mr Dowdell explained that there is already considerable information which was collated when the rail line was mothballed, and that a business case for this route has been included in the current  LTP period, probably for 2016-17.

The NZ Transport Agency will summarise the existing information on the route and present it for the Committee, as well as examining whether the business case can be brought forward.

Cr Tania Kerr


Update on drivers licences

Cr Barker said that the information he requested from the NZ Transport Agency had some gaps in it. He had requested an understanding of the difference between Waipukurau, Wairoa and Dannevirke. Dannevirke is a driver testing centre, whereas the other two are not.  The Agency indicated that 15 movement contacts are required, and only Dannevirke had met this requirement.

However, the region is still left with a group of young drivers that have problems getting access in Wairoa and Waipukurau. 

Snr Sergeant Brown indicated that Natalie Hazelwood has been contracted by Police to identify existing licensing programmes and future needs, with the results expected by year end.

Brian Gregory is working with EIT and other volunteers to help youth get licences. Funding is a major  problem.

AA also runs course where children, or grandchildren of an AA member get 3 free lessons.

This issue to remain as a  standing item on future agenda.

Cr Rick Barker/Mayor Craig Little



Meeanee Quay- Watchman Road

Cr Mark Herbert expressed his frustration at delays in addressing the safety issue at this intersection. It is vital and urgent that this be addressed sooner, with another serious crash having occurred. Mr Chuck Dowdell said that he would advise the Committee if there were difficulties progressing the project and ask for assistance if appropriate.

Cr Mark Herbert







There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 1.25pm on Friday 7 August 2015.


Signed as a true and correct record.




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