MINUTES OF A meeting of the Maori Committee



Date:                          Tuesday 16 December 2014


Time:                          10.15am



Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     M Mohi - Chairman

M Apatu

B Blake

R Graham

B Gregory

JMC Maihi-Carroll

F McRoberts

M Paku

D Pipe

P Prentice

R Puna

R Maaka

P Paku

C Scott

F Wilson (ex officio)


In Attendance:          M Adye – Group Manager – Asset Management

M Miller – Manager – Consents

S Gilmer – Resource Technician – WQ&E

V Moule – HR Manager

M Drury – Committee Secretary

N van Pelt – Executive Assistant


1.       Welcome/Apologies/Notices

Chairman Mohi welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Karakia – Piri Prentice


MC34/14    That the apologies from Mrs B Kemp-Harmer, Councillors R Barker and T Belford and Messrs A Manuel and H Hilton be received.



2.       Conflict of Interest Declarations

There were no conflict of interest declarations.



Short Term Replacements



The Maori Committee agrees:

1.     That Mr R Puna and Councillor C Scott be appointed as members of the Maori Committee of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for the meeting of Tuesday, 16 December  2014 as short term replacements on the Committee for Mrs B Kemp-Harmer, and Councillor R Barker.



The Maori Committee recommends that Council:

2.     Agrees that Mr Bill Blake be appointed as the Wairoa Taiwhenua representative on the Maori Committee as a replacement for Mr Shaun Haraki.




4.       Confirmation of Minutes of the Maori Committee Held on 28 October 2014



Minutes of the Maori Committee held on Tuesday, 28 October 2014, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed.




5.       Matters Arising from Minutes of the Maori Committee Held on 28 October 2014

Chairman Mohi and Councillor Graham requested a staff update on the Waipuka Stream geese issue.

There were no further matters arising.



Follow ups from Previous Maori Committee Meetings


There were no follow up items from previous Maori Committee meetings.



Call for Any Minor Items Not on the Agenda


The following will be discussed as Minor Items not on the Agenda, item 16:

Bridge Pa Development –Councillor Graham



Update on Current Issues by the HBRC Chairman



Council Chairman Wilson advised the Committee that Council had allocated funding of $250,000.00 for a Feasibility Study / Business Case to examine resurrecting the Napier-Gisborne rail corridor as a short haul freight/passenger service.  Geotechnical work in the slip area to a cost of $125,000 and an exercise to ensure that the figures and projections were accurate made up the $250,000.

Councilor Wilson also advised that Mr Nick Cowan had been contracted to undertake further investigations in regard to the re-opening of the line to ensure that if Council did contribute $5.5m as planned, there would be a sustainable business return for the region and Council’s investment.

Councilor Wilson noted that Council already supplied infrastructure throughout the region and this project was an extension of Council’s methodology.

LTP – Maori Sub Committee Suggestions

Councilor Wilson provided a summary of Council’s feedback to the proposals put forward by a Sub Committee on behalf of the Maori Committee for consideration through the Long Term Plan process.

The Committee expressed serious concern in regard to Council responses to the proposals – in particular the establishment of a second tier role – Group Manager Maori and the lack of interest to establish an ‘internship’ for a mature student in resource management studies at the EIT.

After further discussion it was agreed that Mr Mohi would take the Maori Committee’s concerns in relation to the proposals to 18 December Council meeting.



1.      That the December Update on Current Issues by the HBRC Chairman be received.




2.      That Chairman Mohi reports to the Regional Council tomorrow, the concerns of the Maori Committee regarding Council’s response to the Maori Committee’s proposals on the LTP.




Councillor Wilson left the meeting at 11.14am



Biodiversity Strategy Report


Mr Sharp presented the agenda item and gave a powerpoint presentation which outlined progress to date on the Draft Hawke’s Bay Biodiversity Strategy.

Mr Sharp advised that HBRC had initiated and facilitated the strategy development via a stakeholder group which comprised of a core working group to work through technical matters and a steering group to review progress, provide feedback, steer the strategy direction and to ultimately make the decisions as to the Strategy context.

Mr Sharp also advised that the draft Strategy document had been discussed at public workshops in Wairoa, Central Hawke’s Bay, Napier and Havelock North with public comments scheduled to close on 17 December.  However, comments received prior to 31 December would also be considered, The Committee discussed progress of the draft Strategy and concern was expressed as to its placement within Treaty Group settlements and the desire for treaty groups to develop an environmental plan as parts of their settlements.

The Committee noted that because the draft Strategy was a non-statutory document it did not give effect to the rules under the Biodiversity Act so Council would continue to give effect to it however there was no obligation but there was an expectation.



1.    That the Maori Committee receives the “Biodiversity Strategy” report.





Statutory Ahuriri Estuary Committee Verbal Report from Mana Ahuriri


Mr Prentice gave a verbal report on the current statutory position of the Ahuriri Estuary.

Mr Prentice advised that originally the Crown was very reluctant to enter into an agreement however following  months of negotiation between Council and other parties, a multi party statutory committee (Te Komiti Muriwai o Te Whanga) for the estuary had been established which comprised of 8 members – four from Mana Ahuriri, and the other four from TLAs and Department of  Conservation..

Mr Prentice also advised that  in terms of values and protocol on the estuary  Maori values would continue to be promoted,

The final draft is currently being signed off with TLA representatives and a representative from Department of Conservation.

In conclusion Mr Prentice noted that negotiations had been very positive and there was willingness for a successful conclusion,  The permanent Chair of the Committee would be a representative from Mana Ahuriri as promoted by Council and TLAs.



1.      That the Maori Committee receives the “Statutory Ahuriri Estuary Committee Verbal Report from Mana Ahuriri”.





Recreational Water Quality Report: Review of the 2013-14 Season


Messrs Shane Gilmer and Oliver Wade presented the agenda item and gave a  an overview of the results of the Hawke’s Bay Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Programme 2013-14. Mr Gilmer advised that improvements in recreational water quality had been observed at Kairakau Lagoon, Puhokio Stream, Te Mahia Estuary and Waipatiki Lagoon with declines observed at Porangahau Estuary, Tukituki at SH2 bridge and Waipuka Stream at Ocean Beach.

The Committee discussed the results and noted that there appeared to be an increase in some areas during holiday times.  Concern was expressed around faecal movement into streams and how this ongoing issue would be alleviated.

In response to a query, Mr Gilmer advised that bacteria modelling could be very sensitive depending on spatial  specifics of the day.

Mr Wade outlined LAWA  which is a national initiative to report water quality from around the country and a s a key tool for tracking sources of contamination.

Concerns were raised over the current signage used by Council to alert the public to unsafe areas for shell fish collecting.  Staff advised that the design of the signs was currently being investigated and it was planned that the signs would be more prominent this season.

Councilor Graham in moving the recommendation acknowledged the outstanding work undertaken by Science staff.



1.      That the Maori Committee receives the “Hawke’s Bay Recreational Water Quality Report: Review of the 2013-14 Season report.





Twyford Global Consent Update


Mr Miller presented the agenda item which was an update on the  progress of the resource consent applications which had been lodged by the Twyford Irrigation Group Incorporated (TIG) seeking to establish global consents for the Twyford unconfined and semi-confined groundwater areas.

Mr Miller advised that staff did not see the need to notify the application for a global consent for the Twyford-Raupare semi-confined aquifer however because of the proposal in the unconfined zone to take water below the minimum flow (emergency water) the application for a global consent for the Twyford-Ngarururoi unconfined aquifer should be limited–notified.

following the presentation of Agenda Item 12 Twyford Global Consent Update and prior to further discussion, Potential conflicts of interest were declared by Councillor Scott and Messrs M Mohi, B Gregory and Dr Maaka. Chairman Mohi, Councillor Scott, Mr Gregory and Dr Maaka left the Chamber at 12.30pm to ensure there was no risk of conflict of interest if the application proceeded to a Hearing.

The Committee discussed efficient water use, the principles underlying a global consent and how the TANK process may contribute to future water management in the catchment.

Chairman Mohi, Councillor Scott, Mr Gregory and Dr Maaka returned to the meeting at 12.40pm.



1.      That the Maori Committee receives the “Twyford Global Consent Update” report.





Te Matau A Maui - Cape to City Project


Mr Leckie gave  the Committee an overview of the Te Matau A Maui – Cape To City Project which would be undertaken over a 5 year period at a total cost of $6.1 million including a $1.5 million contribution from Council.  This project would enable wide scale predator control to be implemented on a wider scale than in the past. Mr Leckie described the aims and vision of the project, outlined the 5 main work  streams and the partners’ financial commitments in the project. Chairman Mohi congratulated Mr Leckie and complimented him on his outstanding work to secure the funding.



1.      That the Maori Committee receives the Te Matau a Maui - Cape to City Project report.





Wairoa Drain Spraying


Mr Adye presented the agenda item which was prepared following the presentation to Council on 29 October 2014 of a petition signed by 890 Wairoa residents requesting Council desist from spraying drains in the Wairoa area.

Mr Adye explained Council’s drain spraying programme in Wairoa, the reasons for spraying and confirmed that Council did not spray along the Wairoa river banks.

Mr Adye advised that discussions with Council, Fish and Game staff and Department of Conservation would be ongoing in 2015 to review the potential biodiversity values of waterways that are maintained by HBRC and how those values could be enhanced while maintaining efficient drainage and flood capacity.



1.      That the Maori Committee receives the Wairoa Drain Spraying report.





Statutory Advocacy Update


Ms Bate provided an update on Council’s Statutory Advocacy Activities.



1.      That the Maori Committee receives the December 2014 Statutory Advocacy Update report.





Minor Items not on the Agenda





Councillor/Committee member / Staff


Bridge Pa

Cr Graham congratulated everyone involved on a job well done on the Oho Rawa Aka Te Awa (reawakening the awa) project in Bridge Pa / Te Karewarewa/ Managaroa / Korongata.

Cr R Graham




Prior to the closing of the meeting, Chairman Mohi sought Committee members’ reflections on the past year.

The Committee acknowledged Mr Moule’s ongoing assistance with the Committee and thanked Mr Mohi for his excellent chairmanship of the Maori Committee,

KARAKIA    Mr Blake



There being no further business the Chairman wished all present a Merry Xmas and a happy New Year and declared the meeting closed at 1.15pm on Tuesday 16 December 2014.


Signed as a true and correct record.




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