MINUTES OF A meeting of the Environment and Services Committee



Date:                          Wednesday 15 August 2012


Time:                          9.30 am



Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     K Rose - Chairman

A J Dick

T Gilbertson

N Kirton

F Wilson

E von Dadelszen

P Paku


In Attendance:          M Adye – Group Manager Asset Management

H Codlin – Group Manager Strategic Development

I Maxwell – Group Manager Resource Management

C Leckie – Manager, Land Services

T Sharp – Strategic Policy Advisor

K Hashiba – Resource Technician

S Chandler – Minute Taker


The Chairman welcomed everyone to this inaugural meeting.



That apologies from Councillors Remmerswaal, Scott and McGregor and Mike Mohi be accepted.

Wilson/Von Dadelszen



There were no conflicts of Interest.


Call for General Business Items


1.        Urban Pest Control – K Rose

2.        East Coast Rail – A Dick

3.        Water Charges – K Rose

4.        Dairy Liaison Committee – K Rose

5.        Map of Schemes – K Rose




Heretaunga Plan Change

Helen Codlin and Tim Sharp were welcomed to the meeting.  Mrs Codlin advised the meeting that the Regional Policy Statement is currently out for informal consultation and will be an important part of the Heretaunga Plan Change framework.  Mr Tim Sharp provided an overview and the following was noted:

·                An independent facilitator would be sought to run the stakeholder group.

·                The group could be made up of members from Land and Water Management Strategy reference group

·                Two to three Councillors would be ideal to have on this group, expected to be between 20 and 25 people.

·                Name similar to other groups i.e. HPUDs; consideration will be given to changing this.

·                Whether the Catchment of Ahuriri will be within the boundaries of the Plan Change is still to be considered.  

·                An Economic Analysis of the zone will be part of the process and water storage would be one of the considerations.

·                Further discussion was held on using the previous group as opposed to a totally new group. Mrs Codlin highlighted this group now has good knowledge of the processes however a new terms of reference would be set and any new members to the group would be brought up to speed. 



That the Environment and Services Committee recommend Council:

1.    Agrees that the decisions to be made are not significant under the criteria contained in Council’s adopted policy on significance and that Council can exercise its discretion under Sections 79(1)(a) and 82(3) of the Local Government Act 2002 and make decisions on this issue without conferring directly with the community and persons likely to be affected by or to have an interest in the decision due to the nature and significance of the issue to be considered and decided.

2.    Endorses the approach proposed for stakeholder engagement for the Heretaunga Plan Change.

3.    Appoint Councillors Eileen von Dadelszen, Neil Kirton and Christine Scott to participate as full members of the HCSG.

4.    While retaining its responsibility as the decision-maker under the RMA, give a good faith undertaking to implement any consensus outcome agreed by the HCSG, if one emerges, as long as it is consistent with the RMA, LWMS, Regional Policy Statement and LTCCP. (Note that, as the RPS is still subject to submissions and further decisions, the CSG could suggest changes to the RPS and the Council would need to decide whether to accept these.)





Makara Dam Update

Mr Adye provided an update on the repair process for this dam.

He outlined what had been put in place in the meantime until repairs were carried out.

He advised a briefing paper on the costs of the repair work would be provided at the next Environment & Services Committee meeting in October.

Mr Adye advised that since the dam was built in 1980 new building standards had been implemented and these would need to be adhered to as part of the upcoming repair work.



1.    That the Environment and Services Committee recommends Council endorses the programme of work undertaken to date and notes that a preferred repair option together with a proposal for funding that work will be presented to the next meeting of the Environment and Services Committee.

Wilson /von Dadelszen


Prior to the morning tea break.  New staff were introduced – Dr Neale Hudson, in the Environmental Science area as a replacement for Graham Sevicke-Jones, and Mr Dan Heaps in the Engineering Team as a replacement for Norm Olsen.

The Meeting resumed at 10.45 am.


VERBAl Update – dairy compliance monitoring

Mr Keith Peacock provided the group with an update on dairy compliance monitoring in the region.

He advised that all dairy farms in the region have one physical on site inspection and one aerial inspection each year carried out by the two members of dairy compliance team.

He noted that the number of farms in the “Significant Non Compliance” area were only 3.

Mr Maxwell advised that the compliance team worked hard to educate and assist farmers and believed this approach worked well.

The Chairman noted that this was an excellent result and commended the team on their efforts.



1.    That the Environment and Services Committee receive this report.





Animal Health Board

The paper outlined a proposal for delivering Vector Management services to the region over the next 2 years.  It noted the transition to retirement of Team Leader, Owen Harris commencing at the end of the 2012/13 financial year. 

It was noted that HBRC have been in negotiations with AHB with regard to ongoing services when the Vector Management contract ceases in July 2013.

Following a question on possum numbers at Camp David Mr Leckie advised that because this is a camp some methods of possum control cannot be used, however he agreed to follow this up.



1.    That the Environment and Services Committee recommends Council receive this report.






This item was introduced by Helen Codlin, Keiko Hashiba & Tim Sharp.  The Committee asked questions relating to the presentation and paper.  The following was noted:

·                A terms of Reference will be provided at the next Environment & Services Committee Meeting.

·                The Biodiversity Strategy Working Group would include Councillor representation.

·                Scope of Strategy to be endorsed by Council.

·                Discussions ongoing with DOC and the relationship with the Nature Central project.

·                It was suggested Mr Mike Mohi be a representative on the working group.

·                Following a question relating to the definition of Indigenous vegetation Mr Sharp confirmed that this would be determined by the working group.

·                Councillor Kirton indicated he would like to be part of the working group and have input into the scoping document.



1.         That the Environment and Services Committee recommends Council receive the Biodiversity Strategy Report.

2.         Invite Councillors who would be interested in being on the Working Party to indicate their willingness to staff prior to this report being submitted to Council.






In response to a query on the dumping of building waste in the Poraiti area. Mr Maxwell confirmed this was a compliance matter and staff were in discussions with Napier City Council.

The Committee discussed various aspects of the paper and it was suggested that planners be present to assist with answering any questions raised by Councillors.  The response to a query re Councils position on the Joseph subdivision is to be circulated to all Councillors.



That the Environment and Services Committee receive the Statutory Advocacy Update Report.

von Dadelszen/Dick





Mr Adye responded to questions and the following was noted:

·                The providing of services to Gisborne District Council is a commercial arrangement.

·                Staff to provide a report on the Poutiri Project at the next Environment & Services Committee Meeting.

·                A regional map showing areas where Council administered flood control & drainage schemes are situation to be included in the next Asset Management Group report.

·                Finalisation of RPMS on hold pending an Environment Court appeal lodged by Seafield Farms, Mr Bruce Jans.

·                Councillors requested a report outlining how much money had been spent to date on the Cycleways Project and the Peka Peka Wetland, to be provided at next meeting.



That the Environment and Services Committee recommends Council receive the report.





1. Urban Pest Control – Mr Leckie briefed the Committee on the recent publicity concerning the welfare of dogs and people in the Park Island area being exposed to Possum Bait.  He advised that in the four years the programme had been running there had been no dog fatalities.  Staff had spoken directly to people who have raised their concerns.

2.  East Coast Rail – Councillor Dick, Chairman of the Regional Transport Committee, provided a copy of a recent letter sent to the Minister of Transport, Gerry Brownlee outlining the disappointment that Government had yet to make any decision on renewing the Gisborne to Wairoa rail link.  To date no response had been received.

3.  Map of Schemes – Chairman Rose, reiterated the earlier comment, staff to provide a map to allow for easier reference to Council administered schemes in the region.

4.  Dairy Liaison Committee- Chairman Rose provided the Committee with a copy of the minutes from the last Dairy Liaison Committee meeting held on 27 June 2012.  He noted the good work being done by staff and the increased interest in the group by farmers.

5.  Water Charges – Chairman Rose advised he was receiving an increasing number of complaints from constituents on Council’s water charges.  He noted a meeting was taking place on 31 August at 4pm at Gary Wakes pack house, he would be seeking advice from Mr Maxwell re Council staff attendance.




There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 12.10pm on Wednesday, 15 August 2012.


Signed as a true and correct record.



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