Meeting of the Hawke's Bay Regional Council

Hearings Panel



Date:                 Tuesday 29 May 2012

Time:                9.00 am


Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street





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1.         Welcome/Notices/Apologies 

2.         Conflict of Interest Declarations  

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3.         Kairakau Community Scheme  




Hearings panel   

Tuesday 29 May 2012

SUBJECT: Kairakau Community Scheme        


Reason for Report

1.      The Principal Officer of Council is required under Sections 83 & 89 of the Local Government Act 2002 to report on the submissions received on the Proposed Kairakau Community Scheme. 

2.      At the Council meeting of 21 March 2012 Council endorsed the “Statement of Proposal” presented by staff.

3.      The Principal Officer’s report (previously circulated) provides members of the Hearing Panel with the background for the proposed scheme and the consultation process that has been undertaken.


4.      The Statement of Proposal, in accordance with Section 89 of the Local Government Act 2002, was developed in conjunction with the Kairakau Development Society.

5.      A draft Memorandum of Understanding was also developed and will form part of the Scheme should it be established and was included as Appendix 2 to the Principal Officers’ Report.

6.      Sixteen written submissions were received on the proposed scheme with seven submitters indicating they wished to speak.



That Hearings Panel:

1.    Hear the verbal submissions on the Proposed Kairakau Community Flood Scheme.

2.    Consider the written and verbal submissions and the Principal Officer’s Report on the proposed Kairakau Community Scheme.

3.    Determine the recommendations they wish to make to Council with regard to establishing a Kairakau Community Scheme.




Mike Adye

Group Manager Asset Management





Principal Officers Report - Kairakau Community Scheme




Memorandum of Understanding




Principal Officers Report - Kairakau Community Scheme

Attachment 1


Memorandum of Understanding

Attachment 2