MINUTES OF A meeting of the Asset Management and Biosecurity Committee



Date:                          Wednesday 9 May 2012


Time:                          9.00 am



Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     K Rose - Chairman

A J Dick

T Gilbertson

N Kirton

E McGregor

L Remmerswaal

C Scott

F Wilson

A Manuel


In Attendance:          A Newman – Chief Executive (9.45 am)

M Adye – Group Manager Asset Management

C Leckie  – Manager, Land Services

S Chandler – Minute Taker


Chairman Rose welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Notification had been received from Councillor Tim Gilbertson that he would  be 20 minutes late.

Apologies received from Councillor Eileen von Dadelszen and Marei Apatu.



There were no conflict of interest declarations.


3.      CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES OF the Asset Management and Biosecurity Committee held on 15 February 2012

         Councillor Scott requested that item 2 from the previous minutes be amended to show the reason why she had declared a conflict of interest.  The reason being her participation in the hearing process for the Haumoana Erosion issue.



Following an amendment to item 2 as per above the Minutes of the Asset Management and Biosecurity Committee held on Wednesday, 15 February 2012, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting,  were taken as read and confirmed. 




4.      Matters Arising from Minutes of  the  Asset Management and Biosecurity Committee held on Wednesday 15 February 2012

There were no matters arising from the minutes.



Actions from Asset Management and Biosecurity Committee meetings



Mr Adye confirmed that an article on Sawfly will be actioned in due course.

Wilson /McGregor




Call for General Business Items


1.      AHB – Councillor Wilson

2.      Silver Fern Farm Visit – Chairman Rose



Biosecurity Operational Plans 2012/2013

Mr Campbell Leckie provided the group with an overview on this agenda item.  The following was noted:

·              PCA possum control programme ahead of schedule thanks to working with fur harvesters.

·              Discussions being held with two areas in the Wairoa region who are not participating in the PCA control programme.  Mr Adye advised  that he understood they were undertaking some possum control themselves.   An opportunity will arise when the Regional Pest Management Strategy is reviewed in 2 years to decide whether to require them to comply with PCA requirements.

·              Urban possum control progressing well and to be extended.  Good feedback continues to be received from the public on the increased birdlife.  It was suggested more publicity on this activity would be worthwhile.

·              With support from MAF a new control for Chilean Needle Grass is now available.  Flupropanate is plant specific and has residual impact  for 3 - 4 years.

·              Regional Pest Management Strategy has an appeal lodged to the Environment Court by Seafield Farms (HB) Ltd..  Awaiting a date for mediation.

·              Following questions on environmental outcomes  Mr Leckie confirmed that there is some linkage with the Council Strategic Plan, and Land & Water Management Plan  however, more work could be done to highlight these linkages.

·              Mr Leckie also advised that some research initiatives will improve understanding of the biodiversity outcomes achieved  from pest management.

·              It was noted that while the Biosecurity section had not been closely involved with the Ruataniwha Water Storage project to date they were aware that there may be some need for biodiversity off setting and mitigation.

Councillor Tim Gilbertson joined the meeting at 9.20 am.

·              Mr Leckie responded to Councillors questions and the status of other plant pests including Pinus Contorta, Old Mans Beard, Blackberry, Didymo and Purple Ragwort.

·              Councillors questioned staff knowledge on a recent article relating to a serious threat on the welfare of Bees.  Mr Leckie advised he was not aware of the article but would get staff to investigate further.

·              Mr Leckie agreed with Councillor Kirton the need for a framework to be discussed at a subsequent meeting showing how economic & environmental outcomes will be measured.  He stated that some reporting had been done.



That the Asset Management and Biosecurity Committee recommend to Council that it:

1.     Agrees that the decisions to be made are not significant under the criteria contained in Council’s adopted policy on significance and that Council can exercise its discretion under Sections 79(1)(a) and 82(3) of the Local Government Act 2002 and make decisions on this issue without conferring directly with the community and persons likely to be affected by or to have an interest in the decision due to the nature and significance of the issue to be considered and decided.

2.     Adopt the:

2.1.   Animal Pest Operational Plan 2012/13.

2.2.   Plant Pest Operational Plan 2012/13.

2.3.   Phytosanitary Operational Plan 2012/13.

In accordance with the requirements of the Biosecurity Act 1993; after the inclusion of any amendments made as a result of the Committee’s consideration.






Land Management Operational Plan 2012/13

Mr Leckie outlined the recently developed Land Management Operational Plan 2012/13.  He advised that the Land Management team has had a full complement of staff since January 2012. He said the team focus over the next twelve months would be aligning their work with:

·              Tukituki Plan Change

·              Ruataniwha Water Storage Project

·              Intensive Land Use

·              Hill Country Erosion

·              And ensuring that the Regional Landcare Scheme was aligned to these initiatives.

Mr Andrew Newman joined the meeting at 9.45 am.

Councillors questioned Mr Leckie on aspects of the plan and the following was noted:

·              To improve knowledge on farmer attitude to uptake of best practise( i.e. effectively behavioural change) a social survey is to be carried out

·              Work towards improving farmer knowledge may mean assisting with farm management plans, nutrient management, riparian planting etc.

·              A draft research strategy still to be developed needs to show direct benefit for farmers.  Staff believe that showing an improved “bottom line” will be an incentive for farmer participation.

·              Allowing for regeneration of bush on farms is done in conjunction with QEII trust.

·              Following a question on whether Regional Council was a signatory to the Clean Streams Accord Mr Newman advised that the accord is presently being reworked by Dairy NZ and Fonterra.  Whether the RC would become a signatory is still to be discussed.

·              Councillors discussed the overall wording of the plan and agreed that while it was a step in the right direction more work needed to be done to make it easier to read.  Mr Leckie agreed that this could be achieved. 

·              The committee agreed to accept the recommendation with an additional comment to point.2.



The Asset Management and Biosecurity Committee recommends that Council:

1.      Agrees that the decisions to be made are not significant under the criteria contained in Council’s adopted policy on significance and that Council can exercise its discretion under Sections 79(1)(a) and 82(3) of the Local Government Act 2002 and make decisions on this issue without conferring directly with the community and persons likely to be affected by or to have an interest in the decision due to the nature and significance of the issue to be considered and decided.

2.      Approves the proposed 2012/13 Operational Plan for the Land Management section.  Taking into account the feedback received from today’s meeting.



Meeting broke for morning tea at 10.45 am and recommenced at 11.00 am.


Asset Management Group Report

Mr Adye advised the meeting that this Asset Management Group Report would become a regular feature listing the key projects and activities the group is involved in.

Councillors discussed a number of points within the report and the following was noted:

·              A new variety of ants had been discovered in the region.  Localised control had been undertaken and monitoring was ongoing to confirm its success.

·              Further Cycleway development for CHB has been taken over by Rotary who will be submitting to the LTP.  Neil Daykin is the HBRC contact for cycleway projects.

·              HBRC retained as a consultant by Taranaki District Council to provide Tsunami modelling for their region.

·              Cycleways update given – Wineries trail on track; Landowner issues to be worked through with Tukituki ride; Water ride issues resolved.  It was advised that Taipo Stream/Prebensen Drive sections would progress as budget allowed.  Some permanent signage still required in some areas.

·              Councillors requested a more in-depth update on cycleways to be emailed out. ACTION.

·              A scoping report has identified issues associated with river gravel management and a six year study has been initiated to work through the issues.  This is Year 1 of this work.

·              It was advised strips of land along the Karamu would not be suitable for  public wishing to keep bees.

·              Can the Regional Council involvement with the winners of the Hawke’s Bay Ballance Farm awards provide broader publicity, not just farmer focused.

·              Risk assessment modelling would be part of the Hazards modelling being undertaken as part of the HBCDEM Group plan review about to commence.

·              Councillor Scott requested staff advise how the donation received from a Civic Service held at Saint Paul’s Church  specifically for planting of the Harakeke waterway was spent.  Mr Adye to advise on this ACTION.

·              Councillor Remmerswaal requested information on any public planting days planned for this year ACTION.

·              Special mention and congratulations was given to Warwick Hesketh from Land Management team for his role with the Ballance Farm awards.



1.    That the Committee recommend Council receives the May 2012 Asset Management Group activity report.




General Business


1.           Animal Health Board (AHB) – Councillor Wilson advised the meeting he represents the Regional Sector Group on the Members Committee of the AHB and provided an update on recent activities.  He advised a new Stakeholder Committee is to be established in conjunction with National Animal Identification Scheme. 

2.           Silver Fern Farms Visit – Chairman Rose updated the group on the field day with Silver Fern Farms attended by himself and Councillor Christine Scott last week.  He said they were particularly interested in the Ruataniwha Water Storage project and what it may mean to them.  They can see a substantial increase in throughput from their plant.


There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 11.45 am on Wednesday, 9 May 2012.


Signed as a true and correct record.



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