Civil Defence Email 2





MINUTES OF A meeting of the

HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group –

joint committee



Date:                          Monday 30 April 2012


Time:                          2.00pm



Main Committee Room

Napier City Council

Hastings Street



Present:                     F Wilson - Chairman

L Probert (2.15 pm)

L Yule

B Arnott

P Butler


In Attendance:          I Macdonald – Group Manager & Controller, HB CDEM Group

A Newman – Alt, Group Controller & C E HBRC

R McLeod – Alt, Group Controller & CE HDC

J Freeman – CE CHBDC

P Freeman – CE WDC

N Simpson – Group Coordinator, HB CDEM Group

A Hickey – MCDEM

S Chandler – Minute Taker


Chairman Wilson welcomed everyone to the meeting.  It was noted that Mayor Les Probert would be slightly late arriving.



There were no conflicts of interest declarations.


3.       CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES OF the HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group – joint committee held on 5 December 2011



Minutes of the HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group held on 5 December 2011, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed.




4.       Matters Arising from Minutes OF THE HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group – joint committee held on Thursday 5 december 2011

There were no matters arising from the minutes.



Update on Outstanding Actions

Nigel Simpson advised that all items were on track and Items in green had been completed.



That the Joint Committee resolve:

1.    To receive the report “Action Items from HB CDEM Meetings” and completion of items as reported.





HB CDEM Group Plan - Amendment to Annex 5

The group discussed aspects of this item.  It was noted that Group Declarations supersede any local declarations.

This item can also be further discussed at planned workshops on the Group Plan scheduled for this year.



That the Joint Committee:

1.    Amend Annex 5 of the Hawke’s Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan as set out in Attachment 1 of the report HB CDEM Group Plan – Amendment to Annex 5.






Review of Group CDEM Plan: Draft Project Plan

Ian Macdonald provided an overview to the group on some aspects that will be part of the Groups CDEM Plan. The attachment to this item outlined the timeframe for this process and workshops the Joint Committee will participate in (dates to be confirmed as soon as possible).  A revised project plan is attached to these minutes.

A CEG working party to progress the Plan Review will be established and lead by Chairman of CEG Ross McLeod.

Following a question on incorporating lessons from the Christchurch earthquake it was suggested Director Hamilton speak to the group at a session.  It was also noted that various reports will be available over the next 6 months on the Christchurch event.

ACTION: Andrew Hickey MCDEM to liaise with HBCDEM Group

Ian Macdonald advised the HB CDEM Group Plan will be a strategic/governance document not an implementation/operational document.  A work plan will be part of the Plan and this will be the vehicle for ensuring priorities are considered and the Plan is implemented

ACTION: Updated copy of project plan to be circulated to Joint Committee (attached) – Ian Macdonald.



That the Joint Committee:

1.       Receives the report of the Group Manager Hawke’s Bay CDEM titled Review of Group CDEM Plan: Draft Project Plan.





Group Recovery and Appointment of Group Recovery Manager

The Joint Committee endorsed the CEGs recommendation to appoint Mr Peter Grant to the role of Group Recovery Manager and Alternate Group Controller.

It was noted that “group recovery” will be covered during the group plan review.

The group discussed a number of issues and the following was noted:

·                TLA’s need to have their own Recovery Managers in place.

·                HBCDEM Group holds a list of names of appropriate people from around the country who could step in to this role if required.

·                The Minister can also appoint someone to the role if he/she deems necessary.

·                It was acknowledged that someone with local knowledge was the most ideal.



That the Joint Committee:

1.      Appoint Mr Peter Grant as Group Recovery Manager.

2.      Appoint Mr Peter Grant as an alternate Group Controller.

3.      Agree to amend the Hawke’s Bay Group CDEM Plan to reflect the above resolutions.





Draft Minutes from CEG Meeting held on Friday 23 March 2012 & HBCDEM Group Update

Ian Macdonald highlighted a number of items within the CEG minutes and his report of 23 March 2012.

The following was noted from discussions:

·                The status of EOCs and their buildings in the region should be reviewed

·                Group Office Structure not ideal in terms of “dotted lines“ however this will be worked through by all parties, the outcome being a better coordination across the region. The need to ensure the local implementation of CDEM while maintaining strategic region wide focus/overview was emphasised and agreed. Ensuring local implementation still occurs within a Group management structure could be addressed as part of the Group Plan Review.

·                Hastings DC, CHB DC and Tararua DC working with Rural Fire to gain and provide shared services, using a local model.

·                It was noted that this situation has dragged on for some time and it was agreed to resolve within the next 6 months.

·                Ian Macdonald advised the group that within HBRCs LTP a targeted rate for Emergency Management of $13.00 per property has been established.  This is a change from previously being included within general rating.

·                The group discussed the current budget of $776k for HBCDEM Group and what makes up this amount.  It was agreed to provide members with a copy of the budget. 

·                A discussion on Financing for the HBCDEM Group would be part of a workshop to be scheduled this year as part of the Group Plan Review.

·                There was a recommendation that the Group Plan Review be called “HB CDEM Group Strategic Plan”



1.    That the Joint Committee receives the CEG minutes of the 23 March 2012.



Lawrence Yule left the meeting at 3.15 pm.


Exercise 'ShakeUp' - Andrew Hickey, MCDEM

Andrew Hickey MCDEM provided the group with an update on Exercise Shakeout scheduled for 26 September 2012 at 9.26 am.

This exercise is a “National Public Exercise” targeting schools evacuation plans and businesses recovery plans.

It will be heavily advertised in the coming months.  All TLAs will be encouraged to get as many enrolments/participants as possible.

HB will have a coordinated approach.



General Business

1. Workshops – needed or not? Topics

2. Items for Next Agenda

          It was noted that workshop content had been discussed earlier in the meeting.

It was agreed if anyone had topics they wished discussed at any Joint Committee Meetings to please liaise with Ian Macdonald.



There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 3.20 pm on Monday 30 April 2012.


Signed as a true and correct record.

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