MINUTES OF A meeting of the HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group  joint committee


Date:                          Tuesday 20 September 2011


Time:                          1.30pm



Council Chamber

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

159 Dalton Street



Present:                     F Wilson - Chairman

                                    B Arnott, Mayor Napier City Council

                                    L Probert, Mayor Wairoa District Council

                                    P Butler, Central Hawke’s Bay District Council

                                    L Yule, Mayor Hastings District Council


In Attendance:          A Newman – Chief Executive, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

                                    R McLeod - Chief Executive, Hastings District Council       

                                    J Freeman - Chief Executive, Central Hawke’s Bay District Council

                                    P Freeman - Chief Executive, Wairoa District Council

                                    N Taylor - Chief Executive, Napier City Council

                                    I Macdonald - Group Manager, HBCDEM

                                    N Simpson - Group Coordinator, HBCDEM

                                    A Hickey – Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management

                                    C Goodier - Engineer, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

                                    G Ide, Manager, Policy, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

                                    S Chandler, Executive Assistant




          Chairman Wilson welcomed everyone to the meeting.



There were no conflicts of Interest.


3.       CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES OF the HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group joint committee held on 28 March 2011


Minutes of the HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Joint Committee held on Monday, 28 March 2011, a copy having been circulated prior to the meeting, were taken as read and confirmed.




4.       Matters Arising from Minutes OF THE HB Civil Defence Emergency Management Group joint committee held on Monday 28 March 2011

There were no matters arising from the minutes.


Draft Minutes from CEG Meeting held on Tuesday 16 August 2011

Andrew Newman as Chairman of CEG noted that items from the last CEG meeting were being presented today as part of the Joint Committee Agenda.  He also welcomed Ian Macdonald to the meeting as newly appointed Group Manager - HB CDEM Group.

There was no further comment on the Draft CEG minutes.



That the Joint Committee receives the report Draft CEG Minutes.



Action Items from HB CDEM Meetings

Andrew Newman noted the action items from the previous Joint Committee Meeting of 28 March 2011.

The appointment of Ian Macdonald as Group Manager HBCDEM Group was noted.  With the filling of this position the outstanding actions items from the 28 March meeting could now be worked through.  Including:

·          Meeting members of the Hawke’s Bay CDEM group and key staff at the TLAs.

·          Coordinating Group activities & Work Programmes

·          Coordinating the Group Plan

·          Setting up the Group Emergency Coordinating Centre at Hastings




That the Joint Committee receives the report “Action Items from HB CDEM Meetings”.






Call for General Business Items


1.       International Tsunami Exercise Nov 2011 - Nigel Simpson

2.       Debrief April Flood Event - Lawrence Yule

3.       Recognition Certificate from MCDEM - Andrew Hickey

 Mayor Lawrence Yule joined the meeting at 1.40 pm.


Hawke's Bay Joint Hazard Strategy for Local Authority Land-Use Planning

Mr Ide advised the purpose of the paper is to inform the Joint Committee of the work that has been carried out by Hawke’s Bay Planners and CDEM staff since 2010.  He noted that at its last meeting the Coordinating Executive Group supported in principal the recommendations that are being put forward today.  He also noted that the purpose of a joint hazard strategy document would be to provide commonality and better integration across councils.   While non statutory it would give guidance and direction to Councils.  He noted that the HB Planners Group sees the overarching principals as part of Regional Policy Statement.   

He also highlighted the need for funding and resourcing for this work to be taken into consideration when reviewing Long Term Plans.  Comments from the Committee included:

·                Central Government will be reviewing National Policy Statement standards relevant to these issues and consideration should be given to working with these timeframes also.

·                Current standards and building codes are robust now. 

·                Opportunity to incorporate into HPUDS.




That the Joint Committee:

1.    Endorse, in principle, the ‘Hawke’s Bay Joint Hazard Strategy for Local Authority Land Use Planning.

2.    Support, in principle, the development of joint statutory policy for natural hazard management as recommended in the Strategy, subject to an agreed process.





Tsunami Inundation Mapping

Craig Goodier advised that the inundation maps including presentations had taken place with all the TLAs. 

He advised that initial mapping for Wairoa and Mahia would be finalised within the next few months.  With Central Hawke’s Bay coastal regions being mapped in April/May 2012.

It was noted that HDC had been working on a community response evacuation plan with the coastal communities of Haumoana, Te Awanga and Clifton.

Following a question on insurance for properties within the inundation zones Mr Ide advised that insurance companies don’t solely rely on the information provided by Council.




That the Joint Committee:

1.    Receive the HBRC Report “Hawke’s Bay Tsunami Inundation Model Preliminary Results Tangoio to Cape Kidnappers”

2.    Note that HBRC has released the model results between Clive and Bay View as outlined to CEG, including holding a joint press conference with Napier and Hastings Councils and by publishing in local papers along with key messages.





HB CDEM Group Appointments - Group and Local Controller

The Joint Committee is required under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 to note and agree to the recommendations and amendments as set out below.

Peter Freeman questioned the use of titles/positions and not names for Wairoa District Council staff.  He believed it should be the individuals named.

Ian Macdonald noted that when the Group Plan is revised this will be taken into account.

It was also agreed that any changes made by CEs to these positions at their respective TLAs would be notified to the Group Controller with ratification of that change taking place at the next Joint Committee meeting.




The CEG recommend  the Joint Committee:

1.    Agree that the decisions to be made are not significant under the criteria contained in the adopted policy on significance of any of the individual Member organisations and that the CDEM Group has the delegated authority under its Terms of Reference and can exercise its discretion under Sections 79(1)(a) and 82(3) of the Local Government Act 2002 and make decisions on this issue without conferring directly with their individual Member organisations or the community and persons likely to be affected by or to have an interest in the decision due to the nature and significance of the issue to be considered and decided.

2.    Note the appointment of Ian Macdonald as Group Manager HB CDEM.

3.    Appoint Ian Macdonald, as Group Controller with effect 20 September 2011.

4.    Appoint Andrew Newman, Ross McLeod, and Ken Foote as Alternate Group Controllers.

5.    Amend section 10.6.1 of the Hawke’s Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan to read as follows:

10.6      Appointments

10.6.1 Group Controller

Under section 26 of the Act, the CDEM Group is required to appoint a Group Controller. 

Ian Macdonald, Group Manager HB CDEM is appointed to be the Group Controller.

Under section 26 of the Act, the CDEM Group may appoint alternate Group Controllers.  The following people are appointed alternate Group Controllers, who will perform the functions and duties and exercise the powers of the Group Controller in the absence of the Group Controller:

·           Andrew Newman, Chief Executive Officer, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

·           Ross McLeod, Chief Executive Officer, Hastings District Council

·           Ken Foote, Company Secretary, Hawke’s Bay District Health Board

As required by the Act, the CDEM Group retains the right to remove or replace the Group Controller or any person appointed as alternate Group Controller.

6.    Agree to appointment Local Controllers and Alternate Local Controllers as set out in the report.

7.    Amend section 10.6.2 of the Hawke’s Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan to read as follows:

10.6.2 Local Controllers

Under section 27 of the Act the CDEM Group may appoint local controllers.  The CDEM Group appoints local controllers for each of the districts within the region.

Within their respective districts, the local controllers shall carry out all the functions and duties of, or delegated to, the Group Controller and shall have all the powers set out in sections 86 to 94 of the Act and also the power to authorise any suitably qualified and experienced person to exercise any one or more of those powers or to fulfil any one or more of those functions or duties and each may delegate the whole or any part of those functions powers or duties as he or she considers necessary subject, always, to any directions given by the Group Controller.

The people by name or the holders of the following positions are appointed as Local Controllers and Alternate Local Controllers for their districts in order as below:

·    Central Hawke’s Bay District Council:, Regulatory Services Manager, Technical Services Manager, Roading Manager, Emergency Management Officer and Chief Executive

·    Hastings District Council: Group Manager: Corporate & Customer Services, Group Manager: Asset Management, Group Manager: Strategy & Development and Team Leader Emergency Management.

·    Napier City Council: Planning Manager, Corporate Services Manager, Community Development Manager, Civil Defence Manager, Chief Executive, and Works Asset Manager.

·   Wairoa District Council: Chief Executive Officer, Engineering Manager, Team Leader By-Laws and Administration Manager.





General Business


1.     International Tsunami Exercise - A paper was circulated outlining details of an exercise scheduled for November 2011.  The committee agreed that it was intended that Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group would be participating in a minimal way only.  No concerns were raised regarding this approach.

2.     Debrief on April Flood Event - Mayor Yule advised he had attended a debrief on Monday 19 September and the following points were noted:

·         Had the event been further inland the rural response would have struggled.

·         Recovery documentation will be generated from this event and better recovery mechanisms established.

·         TLAs were responsible for infrastructure and roading, East Coast Rural Support for the farm response.

·         A computer generated recovery form for farmers to complete could be a fast and simple way to assess what’s required and to feed this information to Central Government.

·         Andrew Newman commented that Regional Council Land Management should also play a role.

  • Andrew Hickey MCDEM noted that the HBCDEM Group Recovery Plan needs to be put in place for rural and urban communities.  It was also noted that the Group had yet to appoint a Recovery Manager.

Ian Macdonald advised he will be attending to this matter.

3.      Certificate of Appreciation - Andrew Hickey on behalf of the Director of Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, John Hamilton presented to Mayor Yule Hastings District Council a Certificate noting the Appreciation for the Hawke’s Bay Volunteer Response Team who assisted with the Christchurch Earthquake Response. 

Next Meeting - It was proposed that the next meeting of the Joint Committee take place at the Group ECC facility at Hastings.  To be held at end of November or early December.


There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 2.30pm on Tuesday 20 September 2011.

Signed as a true and correct record.




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